Apple to modernize iPhone-Android messaging


Apple is gearing up to revamp the iPhone-Android messaging experience, aiming to eliminate the “green bubble” stigma by embracing the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard in iMessage. This move is a significant departure from their previous approach, where messages from iPhones to Android users were relegated to basic SMS or MMS, adorned with those distinctive green bubbles.

RCS, a GSMA standard already present on Australian Android phones since 2017, heralds a new era of messaging by offering advanced features like personalization, interactive messaging, file sharing, read receipts, group chats, and more across various apps supporting the standard.

While Google’s strong backing has made RCS the norm for Android devices, Apple, relying on its iMessage platform with similar features, had refrained from RCS support—until now. An upcoming update promises to equip the infamous green bubbles with full RCS Universal Profile (UP) support, aligning their capabilities with the coveted blue bubbles of iMessage.

Apple intends to retain the color-coded bubble system to differentiate between platforms, emphasizing that iMessage will remain the top-notch, secure choice for Apple users. This development, set to arrive “later next year”, aims to enhance interoperability and deliver a richer messaging experience without sacrificing security.

The adoption of RCS UP isn’t solely about interoperability; it also brings essential anti-spam measures and ensures end-to-end encryption, a critical element for secure messaging. The focus on encryption gains significance in light of recent concerns over messaging app security breaches.

This shift in Apple’s messaging strategy doesn’t occur in isolation. Regulatory pressure, particularly from the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), has influenced this decision. With Apple designated as a core ‘gatekeeper’, the EU probes whether iMessage should join the list, potentially compelling Apple to provide interoperability regardless.

Industry analysts note that the EU’s scrutiny has nudged Apple towards RCS support. If iMessage were categorized as a gatekeeper service, Apple might need to extend it to Android and other platforms, potentially altering their strategy focused on iMessage exclusivity to drive iPhone sales.

Apple’s move to embrace RCS isn’t just about upgrading messaging capabilities; it reflects the evolving landscape of regulatory oversight shaping the tech giants’ strategies. This decision, influenced by external pressures, promises a more inclusive messaging experience while navigating the complex interplay between innovation, regulation, and market dynamics.


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