A tweet that would definitely bring tears in everyone’s eyes


In a tweet, Yonatan Gonen shared the statement of a 97-years-old individual named Yosef Winner, where he said:

My name is Yosef Winner and I am 97 years old. I survived the flames of the Nazi beasts. My entire family perished in the terrible inferno. I was cut off from my deep roots. Out of exhaustion, despair, drowning, I clung to the ground and planted roots in Zion.

I married Aviva and we raised two wonderful children – Ofer and Nurit. From Ofer and Michal, I have 4 grandchildren in Kfar Aza. From Nurit and Miki I have 6 grandchildren in Kfar Aza too. I arrived at a large and well-planted family tree in the homeland. A tree that bears fruits.

But suddenly, the events of 7.10.23 [October 7, 2023] emerged from among the fences of evil. The gruesome sights of fire and dust, the horrible killing and murder of innocents came to me again. My dearest grandson Yahav was murdered while protecting his wife Shai-Li and his one-month-old daughter, Sheya. And my dearest granddaughter, Hadar, and her husband, Itay, were murdered while protecting their ten-month-old twins, Roy and Guy.

Again I am exhausted, in despair, drowning.

Reding this, I am just at a loss for words. Grief. Just heartbreaking grief. My entire entity keeps bleeding – tears drop from eyes. Still with my utter shock, I read few comments by pro-Hamas individuals, who were celebrating this. Their comments clearly expose the rotten soul they bear. How can any human being celebrate such pogrom? How can any human being support Hamas?

But indeed, there are plenty of comments from people of sanity. I am honored sharing some of those:

Ren: Sadness and anger are living with us all now. I finally understand my grandparents in a way I wish I never would.

Elisha Wagman: I can’t imagine your pain. I’m so sorry. May their memories be blessings.

Lala Gilbert: There are no words…may God comfort you with the promise of eternal life and reunion with your loved ones. But your pain is beyond human words.

Ellen Goudsmit: I stand beside you. You are not alone.

Barsha: I pray Hashem bestows on you the strength to heal from the pains that have been inflicted upon you! May their memories be a blessing!

Meanwhile, on November 14, 2023, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a tweet said: The United States, in coordination with the UK, is imposing sanctions on individuals and entities that have supported Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist groups. We continue to coordinate with our partners and allies to disrupt these terrorist financing channels.

In my opinion, this is a very timely decision, only if it can be properly implemented. I am not sure, if the Biden administration can impose sanctions on individuals and groups in the United States and Britain, who are continuing notorious activities in favor of Hamas and Palestinian terrorist groups.

But I have reasons to doubt – such initiatives would be implemented – finally. Because, in the United Kingdom, for example, when a pro-jihadist asylum-seeker is running pro-Hamas activities, funding anti-Israel protests and even plotting attacks on Jewish homes, business establishments, synagogues and Israeli embassy, and when his notoriety is exposed in the media, some journalist groups such as Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) come forward in defending this criminal by falsely portraying him as a journalist. Can’t such acts of CPJ be deemed as supporting a Hamas man? Shall Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Jewish and Zionist organizations throughout the world condemn such notoriety of CPJ?

Most alarming fact is – while CPJ came forward in defending a Hamas funder, it totally ignored the case where editor of Blitz has been threatened by Hamas.

According to media reports, after murdering over 1,400 innocent people during October 7 Hamas pogrom in Israel and beheading infants and elders, Hamas monsters now have openly declared to slaughter internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist and editor of Blitz – Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury.

On October 28, 2023, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury shared link to his recent article titled “From beheading, burning to kidnapping, its time to wake up to Hamas horror” on Twitter – which has been published in India’s oldest newspaper The Organiser on October 16, 2023. In this article he wrote, “Hamas are not ‘fighters’ or ‘militants’. In fact, looking at videos of their crimes, the term ‘terrorists’ doesn’t even cover it today. They are savages, animals, and butchers. Depraved, sordid and beneath contempt. Wake up world! Condemn the act of cruelty of Hamas and Palestinian terrorists”.

Within ten hours of posting the tweet, a Hamas man placed the screenshot of Wikipedia page of Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury and wrote: “Beware of this Jewish son of bitch. Wherever [you] find this bastard in Dhaka. Slaughter him”.

Seeing this threat comment from Hamas, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, in a tweet shared the screenshots of it and wrote, “#Hamas wants to slau*er me! After Beheading babies and elders, now these monsters openly call for slau***ering me. See the screenshots”.


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