Hungarian newspaper exposes reason behind Zulkarnair Sami’s expulsion from Hungary


Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet (Hungarian Nation) in a report titled ‘Why does the left-liberal press refer to a source close to Hamas?’ said that the the Hungarian authorities expelled Zulkarnain Saer Sami, alias Zulkarnain Saer, alias Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami alias Tanvir Md. Sadat from the country due to extortion and other terrorist connections.

According to Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC), which is one of the most comprehensive compendiums of information and analysis of terrorist groups and activities in the world, jihadist terrorist Zulkarnain Saer Khan threatened to behead a Hindu rights activist and professor Kushal Baran Chakraborty in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet in its report said, “According to the investigation of a fact-finding portal, a restaurant owner of Bangladeshi origin, who also holds Hungarian citizenship, actively helped the terrorist organization Hamas, which attacked Israel and killed hundreds of innocent people. The Firewall Group looked into the person referred to in the article, who appeared in surprising places in the Hungarian public.

“A former investigative journalist living in Budapest, a certain man named Zulkarnain Saer, appeared behind the financiers of Hamas. They looked at who exactly this person might have been in contact with, and to their great surprise, Direkt36 and Telex also referred to him in the Hungarian media, and even provided Direkt36 with information in connection with their material on Israel, reads the article of the Firewall Group”.

It said, “Qatar, which maintains the pro-Arab media channel al-Jazeera, is the main sponsor of the Islamist terrorist organization, but Iran and Turkey also finance the Gaza Strip and the Hamas administration with financial benefits of more than 30 million dollars a year. The TV channel and Qatar are only relevant to the story because Zulkarnain Saer, now identified as a “jihadi” by Weekly Blitz, works for that media outlet.

The fact-finding portal Weekly Blitz published the list of financiers behind the terrorist organization. In their investigative report, they tried to uncover the material background and main financial supporters of the Islamist terrorist organization [Hamas] that carried out the comprehensive attack against Israel on October 7”.

Referring investigative reports published in Blitz, Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet said: According to Weekly Blitz, the terrorist organization [Hamas] collaborated with a jihadist named Zulkarnain Saer. The man has at least five passports and uses several names, including Zulkarnain Saer Khan, Zulkarnain Sami and Tanvir Sadat. He describes himself as a fact-finding journalist from Bangladesh and a researcher-analyst for the Al-Jazeera news channel in Qatar.

“The newspaper writes that the Bangladeshi jihadist man who supports Hamas also previously operated a restaurant in Budapest, for example VIII. district Curry House Indian restaurant. His shop in Budapest was basically a meeting point for people connected to illegal activities, they claim. Furthermore, it is also noted that in 2022 he established a company in England under the name SAMS INC LTD to shift his illegal activities, such as drug trade, money laundering and contact with various terrorist organizations from Hungary”.

The Magyar Nemzet in the report said:

If someone enters his name – Zulkarnain Saer Khan – into Google, most of the Hungarian results lead to a material from Direkt36, which, unsurprisingly, is about an article exposing Israeli spyware.

How did he get in touch with the left-liberal papers?

Al Jazeera produced a content in which it was claimed that Israeli agents trained Bangladeshi intelligence officers in Hungary. Direkt36 pounced on the story in the hope of a good rant, and they managed to write an article based on the report of the man who has now been found to be actively cooperating with Hamas, which is organizing against the Jewish state, writes the Firewall Group.

The man was introduced in the Direkt36 material as follows: “The news channel only referred to the man as Sami in the film, but it has since been revealed that his real name is Zulkarnain Szaer Kán. He had already moved from Hungary and started to deal with investigative journalism, and now he shared more details with Direkt36 about the observation training that took place in Budapest. Kán said that he lived in Hungary for seven years and operated Indian restaurants in Horánszky Street and Nyáry Pál Street in Budapest”.

So it can be established with a fairly high degree of certainty that Zulkarnain Saer Khan, labeled as a jihadist by the investigative newspapers Euronews and Weekly Blitz, is the same person who provided Direkt36 with information regarding a matter within the scope of Hungarian and Israeli national security.

Direkt36’s investigation was then taken over by Telex, and it was even published in English on the online page’s interface. They didn’t bother to find out exactly the motivations of the interviewee either

The man goes by the name Sami and is quite active on X, where he regularly posts about Hungary, but also about pro-Palestine movements.

In addition to two or three pro-terrorist demonstrations, he naturally shares left-wing news and posts. This was also the case with his post on October 22, when he shared a picture, which shows that someone placed a Soviet flag with a bone tied with a ribbon in front of the office of the Hungarian Prime Minister.

By the way, the Hungarian authorities expelled Zulkarnain Saer Khan from the country due to extortion and other terrorist connections. 

PestiSrácok knows that the competent Hungarian services and the immigration enforcement authority continuously monitored Zulkarnain Saer Khan’s activities in Hungary, but no precise information about the results was shared after the investigation was completed.

Earlier following publication of series of investigative reports in Blitz exposing notorious activities of a jihadist terrorist and Hamas patron, Europe’s leading and most-influential multi-media news channel EuroNews, through a report titled ‘Cryptocurrency, drugs, money laundering: a Hungarian thread in the funding of Hamas’ has further exposed dangerous activities of Zulkarnain Saer Sami, alias Zulkarnain Saer, alias Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami alias Tanvir Md. Sadat, who after being deported from Hungary landed in the United Kingdom and sought asylum has been funding and promoting pro-Hamas and anti-Israel and anti-Israel rallies in London has turned into a potential threat to Britain’s national security while in the recent past this jihadist terrorist threatened to behead a Hindu rights activist and professor Kushal Baran Chakraborty in Chittagong, Bangladesh and termed Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as a “terrorist group”, gave instigation against Hindus and branded RSS leaders as “top terrorists”. This notorious jihadist terrorist has been plotting attacks on Israeli embassy as well as Jewish synagogues, homes and business establishments, while he also reportedly is plotting attacks on Jewish community members in Britain.

It may be mentioned here that, EuroNews is Europe’s leading international news channel, providing global, multilingual news with a European perspective to over 400 million homes in 160 countries. With 12 cross-platform language editions, including 9 distinct TV editions, EuroNews strives to provide its viewers and readers with a variety of viewpoints while remaining grounded in factual reporting. Every month over 145 million people reach Euro News site for accurate reports, analysis and information on issues related to Europe and the world. It is currently available in 17 languages with another channel named AfricaNews.

EuroNews has 11 offices around the world and has 21 million followers across all social media platforms. On average 145 million people reach EuroNews every month.

EuroNews in its report said:

…Even more interesting is the cooperation of Hamas with a jihadist named Zulkarnain Saer, who also appears in the records as Zulkarnain Saer Khan, Zulkarnain Sami, or Tanvir Sadat, and who sometimes calls himself a fact-finding journalist from Bangladesh and a researcher-analyst for the Al-Jazeera news channel in Qatar.

According to Weekly Blitz, Zulkarnain Saer not only has four Bangladeshi passports, but also a Hungarian identity card (number 000529284).

Saer/Sami operated several restaurants in Budapest, including VIII. district Curry House Indian restaurant. According to newspaper reports, the man was engaged in illegal activities under the guise of operating restaurants. His restaurants in the Hungarian capital are said to be a meeting point for people connected to illegal activities (money laundering, drug trafficking).

On May 20, 2022, Zulkarnain Saer founded a company called SAMS INC LTD in the United Kingdom, mainly to transfer his illegal activities, such as drug trafficking, money laundering and contact with various terrorist organizations, from Hungary to the United Kingdom, writes the fact sheet.

On September 24, 2016, a large explosion rocked downtown Budapest and seriously injured two police officers, the paper reminds. In 2019, the perpetrator of the Teréz körút bombing, P. László, was sentenced to life imprisonment in the second degree by the Capital Court.

The paper now writes: the plan for the terrorist attack “was finalized by some Muslim terrorists weeks before at the Curry House”. There has been no reference to this thread so far in this case. By the way, according to the newspaper, Saer was expelled from Hungary due to extortion and his relationship with Shahid Uddin Khan, a terrorist financier wanted by Interpol.

Saer has since funded and supported pro-Hamas and anti-Israel rallies in London, and has become a potential threat to British national security, allegedly planning attacks on the Israeli embassy, ​​synagogues and business establishments, according to an article in the Hindu Post the other day.

Following publication of the report in EuroNews, MSN News as well as several European news outlets including PrivatkopoFuhuNemzeti and others have also published this report exposing jihadist terrorist Zulkarnain Saer.

Indian news portal Hindu Post in an article titled “From Gaza to London, story of Qassem Sawalha and Zulkarnain Sami” has provided bone-chilling information on notorious activities of Zulkarnain Saer Sami, alias Zulkarnain Saer, alias Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami alias Tanvir Md. Sadat.

While Hamas and Palestinian terrorists are seen as savages, animals, and butchers by majority of the people in the world, radical Muslims, jihadists, terrorists and their cohorts are trying to falsely play victim cards and giving incitement of waging jihad against Jews in Israel and throughout the world.

Commenting on jihadist terrorist Zulkarnain Saer Sami, a Jewish journalist in Stockholm said, “This is a very disturbing, alarming and worrisome news. I hope, authorities in London shall immediately take stern measures against this jihadist terrorist and extradite him for the sake of national security. Britain should not harbor such dangerously anti-Semite and Jew-hating individuals”.


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