Indian newspaper ‘The Hindu’ faces accusation of patronizing Hamas


While back in 1965, UK’s prestigious The Times listed Indian newspaper ‘The Hindu’ as “one of the world’s ten best newspapers”, anyone reading it now would realize – it actually is serving the purpose of Islamists and jihadists as well as enemies of India by cruelly attacking Hindus as well as anti-Islamist forces. Although its still boasts of being the “most respected paper in India” from the very recent example of how this newspaper gave publicity to mega-terror outfit Hamas that has committed crimes against humanity during October 7 pogrom in Israel, one can now say – The Hindu needs to be ashamed of such wrong behavior and this cannot be termed as good journalism. In other words, The Hindu does not remain as the “world’s ten best newspapers” as stated by The Times almost six decades ago.

Some of the long-time readers of The Hindu, who finally shifted to other newspapers realizing this newspaper has vicious agenda against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as well as patriotic Hindus and anti-Islamist forces in India. Most alarming fact is, The Hindu recently has committed the most notorious crime by granting propaganda space to Hamas – a terrorist group designated by the US State Department, which is accused of regularly causing harm to Jews in particular while it considers “non-Muslims”, including Christians and Hindus as “enemies of Allah”. Possibly such nefarious ideologies of Hamas make this terrorist entity a great friend of The Hindu.

On October 27 – just 20 days after Hamas pogrom in Israel, ‘Frontline’ a sister publication of The Hindu prominently featured Moussa Abu Marzuk, member of Hamas-ISIS and a known terrorist with gallons of Israeli blood on his hands. Following this, Israeli ambassador to India, Naor Gilon sent a letter to Suresh Nambath, Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu on October 31, 2023. In the letter Ambassador Naor Gilon wrote:

I write to express my concern and extreme disappointment regarding the recent interview with Moussa Abu Marzuk from Hamas-ISIS, featured in your publication ‘Frontline’ on October 27. While I firmly believe in the importance of a free press and the need to provide a platform for diverse voices, I find your choice of interviewee sickening. Would Ajmal Kasab from Lashkar e Taibah explaining his ‘rational’ for the Mumbai attacks, be considered by anyone a legitimate interview on 27.11? Would you interview Osama Bin Laden from Al Qaeda on 9.12? Moussa Abu Marzuk is not just a ‘controversial figure’; he is a known terrorist with gallons of Israeli blood on his hands.

Abu Marzuk, a member of the terror organization Hamas-ISIS which has been listed as a terror organization by many countries of the world including the US, all EU members, UK and others – is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Israeli civilians since 1988. He has spent time in US prison for his actions. The decision to grant him a platform, especially in the wake of the tragic 7th of October Nazi-attacks, where 1400 Israelis, including babies, women and Holocaust survivors were tortured to death in the worst possible ways – is deeply unsettling. It is incumbent upon responsible journalism to exercise due diligence in such cases, ensuring that the voices amplified do not contribute to the promotion of violence and terror.

The lack of fact-checking and follow-up questions during the interview was appalling. The Journalist allowed Abu Marzuk to disseminate lies and false news without one challenge. In a 1806 word article, less than 100 words could be considered something others than blatant lies and defamation, by any person who knows an iota about the reality between Israel and Hamas. This is an old and known Terrorist tactic utilized by Hamas-ISIS regularly: Lie and Murder, if possible – Lie about the Murder.

While it has unfortunately become ‘normalized’ to see social media full of fake ‘news’, the novelle practice of importing fake news into the mainstream media is extremely troubling. Not long ago it was the duty of journalists to hold their subjects accountable for their statements and their actions. To fact check. To follow up false statements with accuracy. particularly when they pertain to matters of so grave consequence. Failing to do so not only undermines the credibility of the publication it also disrespects the countless dead victims whose blood screams from the ground. Worst of all, publishing a manifesto of a terrorist, poses a real risk of radicalizing and empowering susceptible readers to take more violent actions in the name of these “pseudo facts” claimed by terrorists. We’ve had more than our share of Jews murdered for these reasons so we should be taken seriously when we say: “Some words do kill”.

But Moussa Abu Marzuk is not only a dangerous terrorist because we – Israel – say so. He is designated by name as a terrorist by the United States, a designation that carries significant weight. BTW, as a full time terrorist, it’s very interesting that his purported net worth is around 2.5 billion dollars, despite lacking any discernible business ventures. Doesn’t this warrant a question or further investigation by any responsible journalist? Why does terrorism against Israel pay so well? Equally troubling is Abu Marzuk’s declared role as a Hamas-ISIS fundraiser… Might not the two be linked? Isn’t that a fair question? India is a member of the FATF and has seen its share of terrorism, which lead to it creating the “No Money For Terrorism” initiative during its presidency of the UNSC last year. Is this also not a topic worth asking about in an interview with a terror financer? How much of the funds he raises go to development of the Palestinians he purports to lead and how much to the destruction of Israel and his own pockets?

To sum up, while I understand the importance of presenting diverse perspectives, it’s crucial to exercise discretion and diligence when it comes to individuals with a history and very active present of terrorism, violence and extremism. The interview with Moussa Abu Marzuk, a Hamas- ISIS mass murderer, is shameful and raises serious doubt about journalistic standards and ethical considerations. I hope “The Hindu” reflects on this incident and take measures to ensure that future interviews are conducted with the rigor and integrity that your readers deserve.

Commenting on giving coverage to Hamas terrorists, OpIndia in an article said: “The Hindu’s fortnightly magazine ‘Frontline’ has now officially taken a stand justifying and whitewashing the atrocities committed by Hamas against Israel’s civilian population on the 7th of October 2023. In an ‘editors note’ published on the 30th of October, FrontLine essentially responded to why it refuses to condemn Islamic terror outfit Hamas. This ‘Frontline’ perhaps felt the need to justify its support to terror after the Israeli Ambassador to India had written a scathing open letter to The Hindu for interviewing Mousa Abu Marzouk – a Hamas official”.

But of course, editors and policymakers in The Hindu or its sister publication ‘Frontline’ shall not rectify themselves from the rogue practice of promoting terrorism, Islamism, jihadism and hatred towards Jews, Christians and Hindus. Of course, I would not hold The Hindu solely responsible for the ongoing anti-Semitism and vile propaganda targeting Israel and Jews, which has very unfortunately become a every-day’s practice of most of the newspapers in the world and of course the Muslim press.


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