Joe Biden’s conspiracy of toppling Sheikh Hasina government: TIME magazine article is part of it


Decades ago, TIME magazine had no shame in applauding Adolf Hitler, who had murdered six million Jews. Now this outlet has joined hands with conspirators in the White House and US Capitol who are advancing conspiracy of toppling Sheikh Hasina government and install an ultra-Islamist mercenary regime in power which would be headed by Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)) and its ideological darling – Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI).

On its November 2 edition, TIME magazine has put Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on its front cover and falsely accused her of “compromising democratic values” in the country. It published a disturbing article captioned “Sheikh Hasina and the Future of Democracy in Bangladesh” with the agenda of casting smears about the state of affairs in the country. Back in 2019, during Lok Sabha elections in India, TIME had made similar attempts by attacking Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). But such propaganda finally fell flat and the people of India gave another landslide victory to BJP under the leadership of Modi.

As Bangladesh is scheduled to hold the forthcoming general election in January 2024, the United States government, its agencies and the embedded media are called out for orchestrating a ‘regime change operation’. Frantic attempts are being made to distort the public perception of incumbent Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and present her as a “dictator” or “autocratic leader”, clearly with the agenda of misleading the international community. Joe Biden and his administration is accused of election interference under the false pretense of “saving democracy” and conducting “free and fair elections”. They have done this in a number of African nations, and now Bangladesh is their latest prey. But Joe Biden won’t even utter a word when Pakistan is currently witnessing political turmoil while its democracy has already become a concubine of Pakistan’s mighty military and notorious spy agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI). The Biden administration does not utter a word when Pakistan is bulldozing houses of Pathan refugees and trying to forcibly push into Afghanistan or even let them flee Pakistan and land in the Western countries as illegal migrants.

The targeting of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by the US government’s embedded media apparatus comes just days after US Ambassador to Bangladesh, Peter D. Haas, asked the ruling Awami League to engage in dialogue with the Opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) – an ultra-Islamist force that has earlier hired Hunter Biden as its lobbyists and trying to turn Bangladesh either into a Sharia-ruled Islamic republic or even a neo-Taliban state. Acting chairman of BNP, Tarique Rahman is a convicted terrorist who had attempted to assassinated Sheikh Hasina and other senior leaders of Awami League on August 21, 2004 through well-plotted grenade with collaboration of Harkat ul Jihad al Islami (HuJI) while he tried to send 10-trucks loaded weapons and explosives to United Liberation Front of Assom (ULFA) – an insurgency outfit in northeastern India. BNP even has been termed as a “Tier-III terrorist organization” by US courts. Moreover, since October 28, 2023, it has been continuing terrorist acts throughout Bangladesh, while its party cadres have mercilessly beaten journalists and members of law enforcement agencies in broad-day-light thus killing a police officer.

On the same day, BNP leaders presented a person in a press conference by falsely introducing him as advisor to US President Biden. Bangladesh Police currently is investigating the matter while the imposter and his accomplices are already arrested.

Instead of condemning such terrorist acts of the BNP, the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs of the US State Department tweeted, “The United States condemns today’s political violence in Dhaka. We call for calm and restraint on all sides and will review all violent incidents for possible visa restrictions”.

Meaning, Washington is trying to use its visa restriction policy as a tool of bullying the Bangladesh government and forcing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to resign and hand over power to America’s ultra-Islamist mercenary – BNP-Jamaat nexus.


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