CNN once again resorts to rogue propaganda targeting Israel


All of us know, CNN is a fake news peddler, a leftist propaganda machine and notoriously inclined towards jihad, political and radical Islam. It has always been notoriously enthusiastic in Israel-bashing while giving oxygen to Jew-hatred.

On November 2, 2023, CNN published a lengthy propaganda stuff titled “US warns Israel amid Gaza carnage it doesn’t have long before support erodes”, which is being spread by other media outlets and search engines thus giving a totally baseless impression that says “[US] President Joe Biden and his top advisers are warning Israel with growing force that it will become increasingly difficult for it to pursue its military goals in Gaza as global outcry intensifies about the scale of humanitarian suffering there”. CNN has used a video titled “Video shows chaos and horror following Israel’s latest airstrike on refugee camp in Gaza” with this content.

In this piece, while CNN said “particularly jarring to Biden and his national security team, two sources familiar with the matter said, were Israeli airstrikes this week that targeted a refugee camp in northern Gaza, resulting in grim scenes of widespread destruction and deaths. The president “didn’t like this at all”, one of the sources said”, Israel Defense Forces spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said the strike was targeting a Hamas commander hiding in an underground bunker and that when the complex imploded it possibly collapsed nearby buildings.

CNN also attempted to give oxygen to anti-Israel and anti-Jew demonstrations of Hamas members and supporters in the Western cities stating, “Already, protests have blocked streets in Western capitals and even interrupted a private fundraiser Biden attended Wednesday in Minnesota. “As a rabbi I need you to call for a ceasefire right now”, an audience member shouted.

Biden responded by making an explicit call for a break in the fighting: “I think we need a pause”. he said, adding later when pressed by the protester: “A pause means give time to get the prisoners out”.

It further said:

The president has not established any red lines for Israel, officials insist. And up until this point, the White House has taken great pains to avoid calling for a ceasefire, arguing that doing so would only help Hamas by giving the terrorist organization time to regroup and plot future operations.

Biden has told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the relentless images of Palestinian women and children being pulled from rubble could start to narrow Israel’s ability to move forward with its current operation, according to senior administration officials.

This is absolutely rogue journalism. CNN is trying to give provocation to pro-Hamas hooliganism in the Western nations by saying intensifying of such activities would put Israel under pressure. In reality, the Biden administration stands firm in support of Israel’s ongoing military action against Hamas and Palestinian terrorists in Gaza. Israel Defense Forces is advancing slowly to avoid any civilian casualty although it is a proven fact – almost 83 percent of the Gazans are directly or indirectly affiliated with Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups. At the same time while Hamas and Palestinian terrorists are hiding inside tunnels, bunkers, mosques and hospitals, they are using civilians as human shields with the nefarious goal of obstructing the ongoing military operation of Israel.

Although CNN and several anti-Semite broadcast networks are making frantic bids in giving a false impression as if IDF is targeting or causing sufferings to civilians in Gaza, Pentagon officials are clearly saying they believe Israel has been striking legitimate Hamas targets, including some senior commanders.

It is well-anticipated that billions of dollars are being distributed by Middle Eastern nations including Qatar in buying media outlets throughout the world, it is still unclear how much of this money is entering the owners and reporters of media outlets like CNN.

While brave members of the Israel Defense Forces are continuing their battle against Hamas and Palestinian terrorists, I would like to call upon Israeli and Jewish media outlets to pay special emphasis in effectively countering lies and false propaganda of CNN and other Western and Muslim media outlets. In today’s world, cyber warfare is equally important and crucial as physical war.


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