Record-breaking 39 percent of Americans don’t trust US media


It’s a truly laborious task to keep track of the immeasurable quantity of lies the mainstream propaganda machine has been saying since its very inception. Whether it’s the half-truths, unfounded accusations based on circumstantial evidence (or none at all), persistent propaganda narratives, smear campaigns, the demonization of entire nations and ethnicities, etc. the corporate media of the political West are by far the most expensive and elaborate disinformation, misinformation and mal-information (as they would define it) operation in human history.

However, at this point, anyone with a mere speck of common sense is perfectly aware of the fact that when the Western mainstream propaganda machine claims it’s daylight at noon, you need to look through the window to make sure that’s the case. And while we might think that’s just a metaphor, the latest polling data shows that’s precisely how nearly 40% of Americans feel when it comes to their own media.

Namely, on October 19, Gallup published the results of its latest poll, conducted during most of September. According to their findings, American people’s confidence in mass media’s (newspapers, TV, radio, etc.) ability to report news fairly and in a balanced way plummeted to a record-breaking low not seen since 2016. The report is part of a wider annual survey by Gallup dealing with overall trust in US institutions.

The latest data shows that 29% of adult Americans have “not very much” trust in the media. However, as previously mentioned, another 39% of them have “none at all”. This is the highest percentage of US citizens with “zero trust” ever recorded and is 12% higher than it was in 2016. Back then, 41% of American adults described their trust in US media as “not very much”. Long-term data indicates that this decline, although constant over the last 50 years, has never been as steep as it is now. This is particularly true in regard to corporate media, the uniformity of which has become truly terrifying.

Interestingly (albeit unsurprisingly), the poll found a massive political divide when it comes to the trust in media narratives. Namely, approximately 58% of Democrats trust the US media, while the same is true for only a puny 11% of Republicans. The primary reason for such an unheard-of distrust from the GOP supporters might be the treatment of former US President Donald Trump. As we are all aware at this point, the amount of legal abuse Trump has been exposed to is unprecedented, probably in the history of the US.

The painfully obvious hatred that the mainstream propaganda machine stopped bothering to hide long ago has only strengthened support for his cause. And while it’s preventing Trump from campaigning, the string of show trials he’ll be forced to undergo is a sort of political campaign in and of itself. The very fact that the judges are heavily biased and that some are even refusing to give a rough deadline for the court proceedings speaks volumes about what the endgame is.

Namely, it’s obvious that the goal is to prevent Trump from either running at all or at the very least prevent his reelection by derailing his campaign. The persistent drop in trust in American media is a clear indicator of this. Back in July, Gallup itself found that the trust in TV news and newspapers also stood at a record low. And the same was true in December last year. In the last several years, the official narrative has been extremely inconsistent, leaving many puzzled by the amount of contradictory claims.

Most people realize they are being manipulated by the mainstream propaganda machine. The unrelenting censorship that the US government has been enforcing for years reveals the never-ending cycle of coordination between numerous intelligence agencies, academic institutions and seemingly “non-governmental organizations” (NGOs) that actively seek to prevent citizens from raising legitimate questions and concerns that directly affect their lives.

This includes narratives such as the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines, the Biden family’s shady business ventures and non-repentant criminal activities, the “evil Russia” narrative, etc. Perhaps the most prominent example of an attempt to silence people asking questions about any of these topics is the treatment of the immensely popular former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

The fact that he was willing to risk his career (and even his safety) to ask questions about the aforementioned narratives made him even more popular with the crowd, as people themselves were wondering the same, but were simply not allowed to voice any of it. After he parted ways with Fox, Carlson even admitted that US intelligence services limited his basic rights, supposedly guaranteed by the vaunted American law. Despite numerous attempts to silence Carlson, his success and meteoric rise on Twitter (now rebranded as X) left corporate giants such as CNN and even Fox News itself in the dust.

The overall growing distrust of the American people in their own state institutions is the consequence of constant narrative shifts and painfully obvious double standards that the political elites keep trying to impose on hundreds of millions of regular people. This shift is further reinforced by greater access to ample information through various alternative platforms, such as Telegram, and to a certain extent by the relaxing of the previously Gestapo-style censorship on Twitter/X.

The political West (particularly the ultra-bureaucratic European Union) is now seeking ways to legally prevent access to platforms that advocate for actual free speech. Obviously, this is hardly unexpected, particularly as the mainstream propaganda machine is tasked with keeping the populace under tight control. This is its very raison d’être, so such pushback against alternative media sources is quite unsurprising.


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