People of conscience fighting soft war against Hamas monsters


Following 10/7 Hamas pogrom on Israel, while there is growing pro-Hamas and pro-terrorism activities of Palestinians and Hamas members in disguise on social media platforms as well as the insane and anti-Semitic Muslim press, several people of conscience are vigorously fighting an important soft-war almost round the clock against Hamas and Palestinian terrorists by giving solid response and presenting evidences on how Palestinians have always been extending support to notorious terrorist acts of Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other known and unknown terrorists groups inside so-called Palestinian territory. They also are exposing how Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups are receiving patronization and funding from several Muslim nations, including Iran.

According to information, Starbucks Union, representing almost 9,000 baristas, Starbucks Workers United, shockingly expressed “solidarity with Hamas” following the heartbreaking Hamas pogrom on innocent Israelis, where over 1,200 lives were tragically lost in the most barbaric and murderous ways including shooting infants, young children, the elderly, burning whole families of human civilians alive and taking over a hundred hostages.

Condemning such notorious actions of Starbucks Union, in my article, I have stated – any conscious individual – Jewish or non-Jewish should not drink Starbucks as drinking a cup of coffee of this global chain can be now considered as drinking blood of Jews and those innocent victims of the 10/7 Hamas pogrom. When we sip on a Starbucks coffee, should we not be aware of the possibility that we may be unknowingly consuming more than just a caffeinated beverage? Furthermore, can we truly separate the taste of our coffee from the painful imagery of innocent lives lost and the solidarity expressed by those serving us? The very thought leaves a deep, unsettling unease in the mind and heart.

Despite my religious identity, I am the first Muslim journalist to raise voice against the October 7 Hamas pogrom, although unfortunately, there have been notorious attempts – even by a Jewish news outlet of gauging my voice. But nothing can stop me from condemning Hamas and Palestinian terrorists. If every news outlet in the world even attempts to suffocate my voice, I shall continue publishing those in Blitz despite the fact, our readership may not be as large as The New York Times, Washington Post or Jerusalem Post. And I don’t care if Islamists will resume their cruel repressive and punitive tactics on me as they did – back in 2003. And remember please, I am defending the State of Israel and confronting Hamas pogrom and act of terrorism of those so-called Palestinians – sitting in the third-largest Muslim nation with 170 million population, where the majority of my fellow citizens are notoriously anti-Semite and Israel/Jew haters.

People of conscience on social media

From October 17, 2023, we have started publishing articles and reports, which are purely based on social media posts and comments of those people of conscience, who are vigorously confronting anti-Israel, anti-Semitic and pro-jihadist propaganda of Hamas, Palestinian terrorists and their cohorts. Our article titled – ‘Hamas pogrom, a tweet by Hillel Fuld and responses’ have already been read by thousands of people, while it will further spread through our syndication partners, including Hindustan Times Digital Streams, a project of India’s influential daily newspaper The Hindustan Times.

We are calling upon those heroes who are fighting Hamas, Palestinian terrorism and anti-Semitic propaganda on social media to send us links to their tweets either through email or through DM on my X (former Twitter) handle: @salah_shoaib.

Let us now see some of the important posts on ‘X’:

Uzay Bulut:

The “three crescent flag” waving in this Pro-Hamas rally in London, along with the black ISIS flag and the Palestinian flag, is the flag of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish “Grey Wolf” movement.

Grey Wolves are genocidal Turkish-Islamic nationalists headquartered in Turkey. They are established in many Western countries, as well.

The ultimate goal of the Grey Wolves is to establish a pan-Turkist empire from Europe (the Balkans and Eastern Europe) to the Far East.

They’re responsible for numerous acts of violence including murders in Turkey (particularly of minority citizens) and abroad, such as the 1981 attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II.

Grey Wolves often vandalize the 1915 Armenian & Assyrian Genocide memorials in Europe. They’re a serious security threat to nations where they operate.

In 2020, the government of France announced the Grey Wolf movement would be banned in the country.

The German parliament adopted a motion that urged the government to outlaw the group’s affiliates, prevent its online propaganda, and monitor its activities.

Some members of the European Parliament also proposed to include the Grey Wolves on the European Union terrorist list.

Ireland Israel Alliance: More from our Dublin Rally yesterday to stand with Israel when 500 supporters marched from Dáil Éireann to @IsraelinIreland.

David Atherton: This is Joseph of @israel_advocacy commenting on Mohammed Hijab & Ali Dawah marching in London. Hijab orders the police inspector not to get his ‘haram’ dogs out because they will kill them.

They march to Speaker’s Corner chanting, “we’ll find some Jews, we want their blood. Allah Akbar”.

G-d bless Joseph recently went to Speaker’s Corner to record a video & Ali “learning difficulties” Dawah incited a crowd to assault him.

Collin Rugg: Taylor Swift’s security guard is reportedly ditching her and flying to Israel to fight Hamas. The bodyguard, who remains unnamed, was allegedly a member of the Israeli Defense Forces before becoming a security guard for Swift. The body guard called on people to “not stand by and do nothing. Don’t be on the wrong side of history”. “It would be an insult to animals around the world to call these terrorists “animals””. The security guard went viral over the summer when he was filmed scanning the audience to protect Swift from danger.

End Wokesness: Taliban flags are now being waved in Florida. We have a serious problem.

StopAntisetism: Heartbreaking – students at UC Berkeley plead with Vice Chancellor of DEI Dania Matos and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Steve Sutton to protect their Jewish students as promotion of Hamas intensifies on campus.

Nikki Haley: I saw Hamas’ terror tunnels in 2017. At the UN, I warned about Hamas’ determination to murder civilians. The world turned its back on Israel then—we can’t now.

Secretary Antony Blinken: Returned to Israel and met with Israeli Defense Minister @yoavgallant to discuss Israel’s response to Hamas’ terrorist attacks. The United States is steadfast in its support for Israel.

Israel Defense Forces: Hamas stole fuel and medical equipment from @UNRWA in Gaza. The amount of fuel stolen is enough to power Gaza’s water desalination facilities for six days. Hamas does not care about the people of Gaza. This remains true even if UNRWA deletes its tweets.

Irish Jewish Voice: Focus on #FreeTheHostages #Freethechildren Look at their faces Look Again.

StopAntisemitism: Marquette University student Amina Dalieh – “Palestinians have every right to resist in the way they are resisting”. No Amina. No one has the “right” to behead children, kidnap Holocaust survivors, and slice babies out of their mother’s womb! @MarquetteU – this is an endorsement of savagery!

Peter Baum: No Palestinian land was stolen.

Yael Bar tur: Hamas – you have no idea what unity you’ve unleashed. Just 2 weeks ago secular and Orthodox Jews in Israel were fighting, partially over the fact that many orthodox don’t service in the IDF. But Hamas has made us stronger than ever before.

Michal Cotler-Wunsh: What do barbaric murderous terror, & denial/excusing/justification in its wake have in common? To defeat the all-out war on our shared humanity, we must identify & combat what fuels ALL forms of it.

Emily Schrader: This is what putting LIFE above all looks like. The Jerusalem patriarch of the Catholic Church Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa stated in an interview he offers himself up as a hostage in exchange for the releases of the Israeli hostages held in Gaza. “I am ready for an exchange, anything, if this can lead to freedom, to bring the children home. No problem. There is total willingness on my part”.

Yoni Michanie: A petition by students was launched to “investigate” me as a member of Northeastern University’s PhD program. I will not apologize for denouncing the slaughter, rape, and beheading of Israeli civilians. Please share. This is the type of harassment Jewish students and faculty are facing.

Elad Simchayoff: Another day, another pro-Palestinian tearing down a poster of an abducted Israeli child because she thinks it’s the same as fighting for Palestinian rights. The Israeli man from Manchester (name is kept with me) didn’t stay silent.

Yoseph Haddad: Yes, Reuters, it’s unfortunate to see the injured donkey, but it’s even more heartbreaking to know that you feel more sorry for a donkey than for Israeli babies who were burned, elderly women who were kidnapped, and families who were slaughtered in cold blood by the terrorist organization Hamas!

Ed Krassenstein: Did you know that Women are playing a huge role in helping defend the world from Hamas terrorist. The Israel Defense Forces is among the only armies in the world that conscript women into its ranks under a mandatory military draft law. As of 2021, women make up about 40% of the IDF’s conscript soldiers and about 25% of the officer corps. Women have served in the IDF since 1948. In 2000, an amendment to the Women’s Equal Rights Law of Israel with regards to military service states that “The right of women to serve in any role in the IDF is equal to the right of men.

Andy Ngô: [Pro-Hamas Palestinian] protesters trying to occupy entrances to the White House to call for the end of Israel’s violence turned violent against police.

Aviva Klompas: Don’t you dare forget who started this war. Don’t you dare forget how Hamas crossed every red line.

Meanwhile, in an outrageous move, Spanish politician Ionne Belarra expresses solidarity with Hamas pogrom. Shame on you Ionne, you are an enemy of humanity.


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