Israeli ambassador provides evidence on Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s rocket attack on Gazan Hospital


Following a rocket attack hitting Gazan Hospital during the night, Naor Gilon, Ambassador of the State of Israel in India in a statement titled “Al Ahli hospital was hit by a rocket of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad” has provided technical video proof on this matter.

The statement reads:

From the beginning of the fighting, more than 450 Palestinian-shot rockets fell inside the Gaza strip. They try to hit our children, but on the way, hit their own children. The international poison-machine immediately accuses Israel. It’s really a pity that many around the world are cooperating with them. But, in our technological world, everything is documented, and we have a clear-cut evidence that it was a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket.

The Palestinian terrorists and their allies immediately take out the victim card. After cowardly murdering abducting and abusing defenseless Israeli citizens, they are afraid to confront the IDF. They are trying to create international pressure to prevent us from taking action. But nothing, NOTHING, will prevent us from making sure that these murderers will not be able to repeat their atrocities.

Release the kidnapped!

Stop hiding behind your own civilian population!

Come out of the tunnels and fight us!

We attach two videos for your use and assessment.

The first is an Al Jazeera video shot live yesterday documenting the PIJ rocket failure at exactly 18:59. Notice the explosion over Gaza. IDF Iron Dome, does not intercept over Gaza due to trajectory.  The Rocket is clearly separated into two parts. The body fell first leading to a minor explosion of the propellant,  the warhead second, landing on the hospital grounds, leading to an explosion and fire, as Palestinian warheads do.’

Al Ahli hospital was hit by a rocket of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Image courtesy: Embassy of Israel.

The second video by the IDF shows imaging of the hospital.  It shows the hit to the parking lot of the hospital and the burnt cars (as you have seen many times over in their hits on Israel) it also shows no crater, which IDF armaments leave behind. You have an example of such a crater at the end of the video and in an attached photo comparing the hospital parking lot to an IDF armament crater.

Finally, Hamas rushed to spread the news, claiming within minutes that hundreds (500) were murdered and burnt. It typically takes much longer for these statements to be made with certainty.  We are still identifying and consolidating the number of dead from the 07.10 attack, after 12 days. The statement is thus suspicious and most likely an outright fabrication.


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