Dawood Ibrahim and Pakistani terrorists hold Dominica passports


According to Blitz report, India’s most-wanted terror-don Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar alias Dawood Ibrahim, who simply the most wanted fugitive in India with a twenty-five million dollar price on his head – a designated terrorist and terrorist financier, mobster and drug and weapon trafficker – a career criminal almost from birth, holds a Dominica Citizenship by Investment (CBI/CIP) passport [while obtaining Dominica citizenship, he is used alias]. Of course, Dawood is currently in hiding in Pakistan, according to media sources in South Asia, but should he make it to the Commonwealth of Dominica, he could certainly claim he was a victim of a political vendetta, and fight extradition, like Mehul Choksi in nearby Antigua & Barbuda, for years and years. Dawood is classified as a terrorist by the United States, but he might cheat justice indefinitely, due to that valuable CBI passport.

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, prominent Indian organized crime lord, drug trafficker. and OFAC-listed Specially Designated Global Terrorist, due to his ties to Al Qaeda. He is listed as India’s Most Wanted, with a US$25m reward posted for information leading to his capture, due to his reported mastermind role in the twelve 1993 Bombay bombing terrorist attacks, which left 257 dead, and 713 injured.

Given that Dawood Ibrahim is listed as Number Three on the Global Most Wanted List, how is it that he has been linked to senior leaders in the present government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, and to Citizenship by Investment Dominica, the country’s economic passport program, especially its hotel investment sphere. Given that Dominica’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has classified both the list of all CBI and diplomatic passports sold to foreign nationals, we cannot confirm that Ibrahim, as well as others in his D-Company organized crime syndicate, hold Dominica CBI and diplomatic passports.

Given Ibrahim’s 20-year relationship with Al-Qaeda, the Mumbai [Bombay] bombings, and his drug kingpin status, how did this individual develop what has been a close relationship with the most senior officials in Dominica? Did he help create Dominica’s CBI hotel program? We cannot say, but due to the potential for money laundering and terrorist financing, links between Dominica and Ibrahim should be investigated, by law enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada, for national security reasons. Dominica cannot become a jumping-off point for Middle Eastern terrorist organizations, intent on attacking in North America.

This is Dawood Ibrahim, career criminal and India’s Most Wanted Terrorist. He also is a Specially Designated Global Terrorist sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, OFAC. Not generally known, but important for compliance purposes, he holds a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) passport issued by the Commonwealth of Dominica, under one of his many aliases, He reportedly has also secured CBI passports from Dominica for many in his criminal organization, known as D-Company.

As new information has surfaced of late, regarding the extent of corruption in Dominica with multiple articles being published, compliance officers charged with assessing Country Risk should consider advising their staff to regard all Dominica passports as potentially held by international criminals, for enhanced due diligence purposes at account opening. There are just too many CBI passports out there issued to career criminals, under aliases, to do otherwise. No CBI passport agency in the East Caribbean check applicants against facial recognition software, which means that you are not getting the true identity of that affluent Dominica passport holder who is seeking to open an account at your bank.

Pakistani criminal uses Antigua CBI passport

The recent arrest, of a career criminal from Pakistan, known to be the personal assistant to one of the world’s most wanted fugitives from justice, has again spotlighted the dark fact that he is yet another wanted individual, who the Antigua CBI unit knew or should have known was legally unqualified for a CBI passport, yet received one nevertheless, in a country where abject greed trumps the Rule of Law. He holds a CBI passport from Antigua & Barbuda, although he is a wanted fugitive in the United States.

Jabir Motiwala, arrested by Scotland Yard on an American, request, is also known as Jabir Siddiq. He works for Dawood Ibrahim, a major Pakistani drug kingpin and known terrorist. Motiwala reportedly is wanted in the United States on charges of money laundering, extortion, kidnapping and drug trafficking. He had been living in Dubai, and was detained after he entered the United Kingdom.

Under what perversion of the regulations governing CBI passports issued by Antigua did this career criminal pass even the most primitive due diligence check? Obviously, in Antigua, so long as you agree to pay a clearly excessive fee, over and above the listed charges, you will qualify for a CBI passport, even if you are known to be engaged in criminal or terrorist activities.

In the aftermath of the Choksi scandal, Antigua sustains yet one more black eye for its CBI program, which is regarded by compliance officers in North America and Europe as a government-operated racketeering enterprise. Any individual holding an Antiguan passport suspected of being a CBI-issued document is now subject to serious scrutiny.

Although year ago, Blitz has revealed Dawood Ibrahim’s case of holding Dominica citizenship, along with few more members of his infamous D-Company racket,

Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has issued a statement denying the fact of issuing any passport to one of world’s most wanted crime don Dawood Ibrahim, the investigative team of Blitz has already unearthed details about a number of passports held by Dawood Ibrahim, which includes one issued by the Commonwealth of Dominica. According to media reports, the government of Dominica declared that wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar is “not, nor has he ever been, a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica, neither through the Citizenship by Investment Program nor any other means”.

But in August 2020, intelligence agencies in India revealed details of a number of passports possessed by fugitive underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. According to the information, Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar holds several passports under various names and addresses in India, Pakistan, UAE and the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Serial numbers of Indian passports possessed by Dawood Ibrahim are: K-560098, K-110522, P-537849, R-841697, V-57865, A-333602, and A-501801.

He is possessing a couple of UAE passports as well under different name and address. Here are the details: A-717288 (name: Mohd Ismail Abdul Rehman Shaikh), F-823692 (name: Shaikh Dawood Hassan), and F-823692 (name: Shaikh Dawood Hassan).

Details of Dawood’s Pakistani passports are: G-866537 (name: Shaikh Hassan), C-267185 (Shaikh Dawood Hasan), and KC-285901 (name: Sheikh Dawood Hassan, son of Sheikh Ibrahim).

In Pakistan, Dawood Ibrahim owns total eight houses although Pakistan has admitted only three. These are:  White House in Clifton, House at 30th Street, Defence Housing Authority and a palatial bungalow in the hilly area of Noorabad in Karachi.

A dossier of the Indian intelligence agency mentions a new address where Dawood has purchased an entire floor at Mehran Square in Clifton area. Another new house has been purchased in the Shireen Jinnah Colony, near the Ziauddin Hospital in Clifton. Dawood, who is not in the best of health usually gets admitted in Ziauddin hospital. Dawood has also bought two bungalows on the posh Margalla road in Islamabad.

The dossier says that Dawood’s younger brother Anees Ibrahim, who controls the financial empire of D-Company, lives with his family at bungalow DC-13, Block 4 Clifton road. Not far from this place, Chota Shakeel who controls underworld activities, resides in the Defence Housing Authority area. Dawood’s two other brothers Humayun and Mustakeen also shuttle between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Humayun, who looks after some of the legitimate businesses of D-Company mostly lives in Karachi.

Dawood Ibrahim is also holding passports in the names Mohammad Hanif Menon and Mohammad Hanif Merchant.

Dawood Ibrahim also has acquired passport of the Commonwealth of Dominica in a different name by making payments under the citizenship program of the country.

It may be mentioned here that, Dawood Ibrahim heads a D-Company through which he runs transnational crimes including trafficking in drugs and weapons, money laundering, extortion, contract killing etcetera.

In August, 2020 Indian media in particular was flooded with the statement issued by the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica stating Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar is not their citizen. This statement was hurriedly issued by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s government following advice from CS Global Partners – Dominica’s citizenship selling agent in Britain, which is owned by an Indian-British named Paul Singh. Indian media has trusted the statement from Dominica government without knowing the fact that Roosevelt Skerrit, the Prime Minister of Dominica has a past track record of selling citizenship and even diplomatic passports to dubious individuals including criminals and, in some cases, buyers of citizenship or diplomatic positions did hide their real names.


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