Alert: Hamas operative plots terrorist attacks inside UK


Zulkarnain Saer Sami, a man of many aliases and even more illicit activities, Sami has successfully eluded the grasp of justice through a complex web of fraud, extortion, and international criminal enterprises. Now he is involved in war in favor of Hamas terrorists while living in the United Kingdom. Britain may face extreme diplomatic tremors if Zulkarnain Saer Khan’s upcoming terror plots are executed. Even though Britain has officially banned Hamas, sympathizers can be found protesting in support of this Palestinian terror outfit.

Zulkarnain Sami, burdened by a “notorious criminal record”, fled Bangladesh for Hungary, where he delved into the “sale of citizenship and diplomatic passports” for countries like Dominica and Antiqua & Barbuda. Partnering with a London-based individual, Paul Singh, he facilitated citizenship for “numerous terrorists” hailing from a range of countries including Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Venezuela, reports The Eastern Herald.

Later it was revealed that under the guise of his two restaurants, Zulkarnain Saer Sami is running a drug business.

On October 14, 2023, Zulkarnain Sami, showing his support for Hamas attack on Israel, in a Facebook post wrote: “Even as the UK government threatens to crack down on pro-Palestine activists and protesters, the masses come out in support of Palestine on the streets of London amid Israel’s bombardment and siege of Gaza”.

Pro-Hamas propagandist Zulkarnain Saer Sami has been continuously working against Christians, Jews, Hindus and Israel. He poses potential threat to UK’s internal security.

Despite a plethora of investigative reports shedding light on the matter, the United Kingdom government continues to turn a blind eye to the unsettling reality that Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami is not merely an ally, but a valuable asset to the terror group Hamas, while residing on British soil. This questions the effectiveness of the country’s intelligence and security measures.

Zulkarnain Saer “has been embroiled in allegations of theft and other criminal conduct from his youth”, according to The Eastern Herald. It further wrote, “Zulkarnain Sami has several pending criminal cases with various police stations in Bangladesh”, and he is also on the radar of Hungarian law enforcement, identified as a “drug dealer with ties to international drug trafficking syndicates”.

According to our previous reports, Zulkarnain Sami has “business connections” with Juan Orlando Hernández, the embattled former President of Honduras. Hernández is “currently facing extradition to the United States on drug trafficking charges”, a claim supported by a press release from the US Department of Justice.

Sami’s involvement extends to serving as a “channel for Afghan narcotics supplied by Hezbollah”, further entangling him in a web of international criminal and terrorist activities.

Based on the information from the Blitz article, Zulkarnain Saer Khan is far more than a mere “restaurant owner” in Hungary. Operating under the “façade of a legitimate business”, his restaurant in Budapest serves as a “meeting point of people linked to illegal activities”, including members of “terrorist organizations” like Hamas and Hezbollah. Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami’s criminal enterprise is not just confined to Hungary; it extends globally, involving “transnational money laundering activities” and connections to “drug trafficking rackets”.

It’s imperative for British intelligence agencies to immediately investigate Zulkarnain Saer Khan’s activities. The UK should also consider extraditing him to Bangladesh without delay to face charges, thereby reinforcing its commitment to international security and counter-terrorism efforts.

Given the diplomatic implications and potential security threats, it’s crucial that Israeli authorities and intelligence agencies also engage in a thorough investigation of Zulkarnain Saer Khan AKA Sami. Coordinated action between the UK and Israel will be essential, especially in this critical time, in assessing the full scope of the risks involved and in taking appropriate measures to neutralize them.


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