Muslim journalist condemns Hamas pogrom on innocent Jews, Israelis, Americans and foreign nationals


Prelude: Within 24 hours of October 7 Hamas pogrom on innocent Jews, Israelis, Americans and foreign nationals, I penned this article and sent to a number of newspapers, news outlets and even thinktanks throughout the world – including the Jewish State. But until now, it has not been published anywhere – not even those Jewish or Israeli newspapers. I am confused, if this shows – those newspapers, news sites or thinktanks are uninterested in publishing anything from a Muslim journalist that strongly condemns and criticizes Hamas’s pogrom? I am not also sure, if behind such silence is a very disturbing reality where Muslim nations are spending billions of dollars of their Zakat fund in exerting influence on media in the world.

Meanwhile on October 9, 2023, Jewish News Syndicate, after thorough editorial consideration published an article titled ‘Hamas has perpetrated a depraved pogrom’, which was subsequently republished in Arutz Sheva. Surprisingly, just within less than 24 hours, the article in Jewish News Syndicate was removed while on clicking the article link it says: “404 page not found. We couldn’t find anything at this address. Please check the URL or go to the homepage”. It is unknown why this article has been mysterious removed by this news site.

Here is the article that none of those newspapers or news outlets published it, except for Indian news media The Eastern Herald for days:

In the wake of the devastating terrorist assaults carried out by Palestinian mega-terror outfit Hamas on October 7, which have mercilessly claimed the lives of a at least 1,200 innocent Jews, Israelis, and Americans, while leaving thousands grievously wounded – my heart has been bleeding.

Witnessing such a heinous pogrom orchestrated by Hamas, the core of my humanity cannot help but respond, despite the unsettling reality that nearly all Muslim nations are engaged in a disconcerting competition to lay blame on the Jewish State for these acts of terrorism. Pakistani media, along with certain segments of the Muslim press, are audaciously rejoicing the slaughter of Jews and Israelis, as though such abhorrent acts of savagery are both permissible and commendable.

This is the scary characteristic of radical and political Islam that I have been vehemently challenging for years. Such a cruel culture of religious animosity serves as the foundational catalyst for the global mayhem and infamy we are currently witnessing, manifested in groups like the Afghan Taliban, Nigerian Boko Haram, African Al-Shabaab, Middle Eastern Islamic State and Al Qaeda, Lebanese Hezbollah, Yemeni Houthis, and Palestinian Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad among other terrorist organizations.

As outlined in a report by, Hamas terrorists are giving scary threats to carry out the execution of Israeli hostages, including women and children, should Israel retaliate militarily to the terror onslaughts on a music festival and border communities. Astonishingly, rather than issuing unequivocal condemnations of such reprehensible acts of terrorism, multiple Muslim nations are disconcertingly releasing statements that castigate Israel, holding Jerusalem culpable for the 10/7 terrorist atrocities.

The 10/7 onslaughts, culminating in the bloodthirsty extermination of no fewer than 1,200 Israelis and over a dozen American citizens, along with the kidnapping of a substantial number of Israeli and American nationals, have been chillingly referred to by some as the “9/11 of Israel”. These appalling acts have profoundly impacted Jews, Israelis, Americans, and the global populace at large. Given the gravity of these occurrences, the pronouncements stemming from certain Muslim nations, which audaciously endorse Palestinian terrorists and Hamas, have garnered considerable attention.

Such declarations originating from these countries perilously teeter on the edge of casting them as either sympathizers or outright sponsors and patrons of terrorism, thereby tarnishing the perception of Islam. This plight underscores the intricate complexities inherent in the enduring conflict and emphasizes the imperative for a sophisticated, multi-faceted strategy to tackle the acute issues at hand.

Humanity’s capacity for hostility towards its own kind has reached staggering zeniths throughout the annals of history. One such apex is the archaic method of execution that involved the pouring of molten metal, often gold, directly into the victim’s throat. Scientific analysis has ascertained that such a macabre fate could culminate in the fatal rupture of the individual’s internal organs, owing to the steam produced by the molten substance. In the absence of such an explosive end, suffocation would inexorably ensue within a matter of minutes. Equally horrendous is the practice of dismemberment and quartering, a form of capital punishment employed by certain factions that paradoxically deemed themselves to be exemplars of civilization.

Indeed, the catalogue of such atrocities is deplorably extensive, each act as disgusting and immoral as the next.

However, the terrorists within Hamas, who initiated a full-scale war against Israel over the weekend, claiming hundreds of lives, injuring thousands, and taking hostages, are now ominously threatening to subject society to the monstrous and horrifying public executions of innocent civilians.

“From this moment on, we announce that any targeting of innocent civilians without warning will be met, regretfully to say, by executing one of the hostages in our custody. And we will be forced to broadcast this execution”, the terrorist said.

The precise tally of individuals held captive by the terrorists remains mysterious, with approximations fluctuating and potentially reaching as high as around 100.

But among them are “civilians, children and grandmothers”, Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, Israeli Defense Forces international spokesperson, told CNN.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog vehemently denounced the harrowing reality of the Hamas terror onslaught, stating on X, “Not since the Holocaust have so many Jews been killed on one day”.

“And not since the Holocaust have, we witnessed scenes of Jewish women and children, grandparents, even Holocaust survivors being herded into trucks and taken into captivity. Hamas has imported, adopted and replicated the savagery of ISIS. Entering civilian homes on a holy day and murdering in cold blood whole families, young and old, violating and burning bodies, beating and torturing their innocent victims”.

He added, “Israel is a very strong country and we will employ all its might and strength to defend itself and its people. I pray for the swift and full recovery of the injured. I pray for the bereaved families. And I pray for the well-being of those taken hostage”..

The current wave of Hamas terror brutality is now being characterized as “worse than ISIS” and circulating images online evidently confirm the beheading of an Israeli soldier.

Israel’s defense forces said, “Hamas has released footage of them beheading captured soldiers. We will not share it, but the world needs to know their depravity exceeds that of ISIS. And we have been telling you all for years”.

In light of recent events, the ferocity of Hamas’s terror activities now bears a chilling resemblance to that of ISIS, stressed by unsettling images that imply the beheading of an Israeli soldier. Israel’s defense forces have highlighted the sheer hostility of Hamas’s deeds and the imperative to acknowledge the dire gravity of the current plight.

The conduct of Hamas has been universally denounced as brutal, inhuman, heinous, and morally unjustifiable, necessitating global scrutiny and concerted initiatives to mitigate this growing crisis.

Hamas are not ‘fighters’ or ‘militants’. In fact, looking at videos of their crimes, the term ‘terrorists’ doesn’t even cover it today. They are savages, animals, and butchers. Depraved, sordid and beneath contempt. Wake up world! Condemn the act of cruelty of Hamas and Palestinian terrorists.


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