Hamas are savages, animals, butchers


While a report from American Military News explains that the Hamas terrorists are threatening to execute Israeli hostages, including women and children, if Israel responds militarily to the terror attacks on a music festival and border towns, instead of condemning such notorious acts of terrorism, several Muslim nations are issuing statement condemning Israel and holding Jerusalem responsible for 10/7 terrorist attacks. It may be mentioned here that during October 7 terrorist attack, at least 900 Israelis and more than 10 US citizen have been brutally murdered by mega-terror outfit Hamas, while thousands have been critically injured. Hamas and Palestinian terrorists have abducted dozens of Israeli and American nationals.

The attacks on October 7, which resulted in the brutal murder of at least 900 Israelis and more than 10 US citizens, as well as the abduction of dozens of Israeli and American nationals, have been dubbed by some as the “9/11 of Israel”. These shocking acts have deeply affected Jews, Israelis, Americans, and people worldwide. In light of these events, the statements made by some Muslim nations in support of Palestinian terrorists and Hamas have drawn significant attention.

Such statements from these nations risk portraying them as sympathizers or even patrons of terrorism, potentially tarnishing Islam’s image on the global stage. The situation underscores the complexities of the ongoing conflict and the need for a nuanced approach to addressing the issues at hand.

Man’s inhumanity to fellow man has reached several pinnacles over history, one being the ancient method of executing people by pouring molten metal, often gold, down his throat. A scientific analysis concluded that the victim could die from having his internal organs explode from the steam that would be generated. Otherwise, suffocation was inevitable within minutes. Then also was the drawing and quartering of victims practice by some groups that considered themselves civilized.

And there were many more, all equally horrific.

But now the terrorists in Hamas, who launched a war against Israel over the weekend, killed hundreds, injured thousands and took hostages, is threatening to forcibly subject society to the horrors of the executions of innocent civilians – with those executions being broadcast.

“From this moment on, we announce that any targeting of innocent civilians without warning will be met, regretfully to say, by executing one of the hostages in our custody. And we will be forced to broadcast this execution”, the terrorist said.

The number of victims taken hostage by the terrorists remains unclear, with estimates ranging up to about 100.

But among them are “civilians, children and grandmothers”, Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, Israeli Defense Forces international spokesperson, told CNN.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog condemned the horrifying reality of the Hamas terror attack, writing on X, “Not since the Holocaust have so many Jews been killed on one day.

“And not since the Holocaust have, we witnessed scenes of Jewish women and children, grandparents, even Holocaust survivors being herded into trucks and taken into captivity. Hamas has imported, adopted and replicated the savagery of ISIS. Entering civilian homes on a holy day and murdering in cold blood whole families, young and old, violating and burning bodies, beating and torturing their innocent victims”.

He added, “Israel is a very strong country and we will employ all its might and strength to defend itself and its people. I pray for the swift and full recovery of the injured. I pray for the bereaved families. And I pray for the well-being of those taken hostage”.

Hamas has declared its intent to target innocent civilians without warning and use hostages as bargaining tools. The number of hostages remains uncertain, but among them are reported to be civilians, including children and elderly individuals.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog strongly condemned the Hamas terror attack, likening it to the horrors of the Holocaust and describing the brutality inflicted upon innocent civilians, including women, children, and Holocaust survivors.

He pledged Israel’s determination to defend its people and expressed his condolences to the victims’ families and his hope for the swift recovery of the injured.

US Representative Mark Alford called for the eradication of these terrorists, emphasizing their ruthless nature and the need to take decisive action against them.

“These are terrorists, thugs … scum of the earth and they need to be eradicated”.

In a report, Off the Press said, Hamas terror violence now is being described as “worse than ISIS”, and noted images shared online purportedly confirm the beheading of an Israel solider.

Israel’s defense forces said, “Hamas has released footage of them beheading captured soldiers. We will not share it, but the world needs to know their depravity exceeds that of ISIS. And we have been telling you all for years”.

Journalist Jake Wallis Simons added, in the report, “Hamas are not ‘fighters’ or ‘militants’. In fact, looking at videos of their crimes, the term ‘terrorists’ doesn’t even cover it today. They are savages, animals, butchers. Depraved, sordid and beneath contempt. Wake up world!”

With latest incidents, Hamas terror violence can now be compared to that of ISIS, with disturbing images suggesting the beheading of an Israeli soldier. Israel’s defense forces emphasized the depravity of Hamas’s actions and the urgency of recognizing the gravity of the situation. The actions of Hamas have been widely condemned as inhuman, savage, and reprehensible, warranting global attention and collective efforts to address this crisis.


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