Wall Street Journal exposes family corruptions of Joe Biden


As the US presidential election year is almost at the doorstep and there is no chance for Joe Biden in getting party’s nomination for his reelection bid as his health issues, including cognitive decline is seen as the key obstacle while his disastrous blunder of abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan, which has already let the country go into the grips of Taliban jihadist and Biden’s involvement in Ukraine war – that also seems to be not ending in the nearest future although it already is having serious impact on America’s global influence and domestic economy – even liberal media in the United States are now turning their face from Biden.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal, which is known for its biased editorial policy in favor of Democrats and against Republicans – more precisely against former president Donald Trump has generated a shockwave within the American political circle by publishing a lengthy report titled ‘How Joe Bidens profited off the family name – the big guy is calling me’.

At the beginning of the report, WSJ writes:

During five decades in public office, Joe Biden built his political brand on his working-class roots. Over that time, members of his family capitalized on his political success by invoking the Biden name to bolster their business pursuits in deals worth millions of dollars.

A Wall Street Journal examination shows that the practice extended beyond his son Hunter Biden. The president’s younger brothers—James and Francis Biden – sought to profit from their blood connection to the politician, according to interviews and public records.

Certain Biden family members’ years-long pattern of trading on the powerful name is at the center of an impeachment inquiry by House Republicans that got under way with a committee hearing Thursday [September 28, 203]. 

Lawmakers allege they unfairly profited from the elder Biden’s political clout, and the inquiry will examine whether the president also benefited from or otherwise played a role in the financial endeavors of his kin.

The White House and Democrats have denounced the inquiry as a political stunt aimed at unjustly tarnishing the president. White House spokesman Ian Sams said House Republicans have continually lied about the president, failed to find evidence of what they claim and uncovered no evidence of wrongdoing.

The Wall Street Journal’s examination of President Biden’s relatives’ dealings didn’t turn up evidence that he benefited from the business enterprises that relied on his name. But on at least a few occasions before his presidency, Joe Biden was more present in his family’s business dealings than he or they have acknowledged.

Family members would take phone calls from Joe Biden during their business meetings and occasionally include him in the conversations, a practice that was interpreted by some who witnessed it as an attempt to show off the connection to power, according to former business associates. The conversations that involved Joe Biden were largely limited to pleasantries, according to those who heard them. White House officials have said that Joe Biden regularly calls members of his family to check in.

But in true sense, WSJ report actually is an attempt to whitewash series of allegations brought against the US President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden and members of the Biden Crime Family.

For example, WSJ commenting of Joe Biden’s direct involvement in family corruption wrote: “There aren’t rules that prevent politically connected families from leaning on their name to advance their careers, and other White House families have been criticized for doing so, most recently during the Trump administration”.

It also quoted Hunter Biden’s lawyer Abbe Lowell saying, “Hunter Biden wasn’t in business with his father and that any interactions Joe Biden might have had with Hunter’s business associates was “small talk””.

According to lawsuit against Bidens it is stated: “deals that traded on the Biden name include one venture with a healthcare company that James Biden promised could be expanded on the basis of Joe Biden’s strength with unions and government agencies, according to a lawsuit naming James Biden as a defendant. In another deal, James Biden was an executive at a firm attempting to build 100,000 homes in Iraq as Joe Biden held the vice presidency. In some of the deals, including in Ukraine and China, a tycoon seeking to burnish a reputation would build a relationship with a Biden, sometimes hoping to discourage regulatory scrutiny”.

We can certainly hope, as the next presidential election gets nearer, and if finally, Joe Biden and members of his administration will fail in burying Donald Trump under mountains of legal issues or even send him to prison, lots of criminal actions of the Biden Crime Family shall see the light. There is actually going to be a huge scandal – much bigger that WaterGate.


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