Chandan Nandy: Ghostwriter targeting Bangladesh’s political landscape


A recent case that has caught the attention of media watchdogs and political analysts is that of “Chandan Nandy”, a ghostwriter who has been publishing content on ‘NE News’, an Indian blog. This mysterious writer has been particularly focused on targeting Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the ruling Awami League, and other key figures in the Bangladeshi government.

“Chandan Nandy” made his debut on Northeast News on September 3, 2023, and has since penned nine articles, each meticulously crafted to spread rumors and disinformation about various figures in the Bangladeshi government. The intriguing aspect of this situation is that despite an extensive web search, no other presence of this “Chandan Nandy” could be found in the media landscape.

The Real vs. The Fake Chandan Nandy

Interestingly, there is another Chandan Nandy, a known journalist, whose writing style is distinctly different from that of the ghostwriter. A careful scrutiny reveals that the ghostwriter lacks the finesse and credibility that come with journalistic integrity. The writing style of the ghostwriter closely resembles that of a Bangladeshi physician turned blogger, further fueling suspicions about his true identity.

Our investigation into the enigmatic figure of Chandan Nandy has yielded some revealing insights. Contrary to the pseudonym under which he writes, Chandan Nandy is actually a Bangladeshi individual with the last name ‘Rahman’. Notably, he has a background in medicine and is currently a faculty member at a university in Bangladesh.

Chandan Nandy – the ghost writer (Rahman)

Chandan Nandy’s Pakistani Agenda

The real Chandan Nandy’s story in The Quint, which backed Pakistan’s claim that Kulbhushan Jadhav is an Indian spy, serves as a glaring example of irresponsible reporting. The article relied on unnamed intelligence officers and weakened India’s case at the International Court of Justice.

It’s crucial to clarify here that Chandan Nandy who penned the article in The Quint about Kulbhushan Yadav being an “Indian Spy” is not the same individual as the ghostwriter targeting Bangladesh’s political landscape. The two are distinct entities, each with their own set of writing styles. The Chandan Nandy associated with The Quint is a known journalist, whereas the other is a pseudonymous figure whose true identity, as our investigation has revealed, is Bangladeshi.

Further scrutiny of his writing style indicates that he specializes in the teaching of the English language, particularly in the area of IELTS preparation. This kind of writing style is specific to some bloggers-cum-vloggers who call themselves “social media influencers.”

The analysis of the writing style employed by “Chandan Nandy,” also known as Rahman, reveals that he is not a seasoned writer or blogger. His prose lacks the nuanced articulation and depth commonly associated with experienced journalists or columnists. Intriguingly, our investigation suggests that “Chandan Nandy” aka Rahman is a public figure who has a visible presence on various media platforms, including television and social media, particularly Facebook and YouTube. The manner in which he frames dialogues and presents content indicates that he is likely a regular feature on talk shows, possibly serving as an anchor or co-host.

Indeed, the sudden emergence of “Chandan Nandy,” also known as Rahman, as a commentator on Bangladeshi politics raises several red flags. His writings, which began appearing on NE News in early September 2023, have been conspicuously critical of the current Bangladeshi government, led by the Awami League while showing a marked bias in favor of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). This abrupt focus on Bangladeshi affairs, specifically aimed at criticizing the incumbent government, raises questions. Moreover, the one-sided nature of his articles on the ‘NE News’ website further fuels suspicions about his motives and the agenda he may be serving.

The potential ramifications of the writings by this pseudonymous “Chandan Nandy,” also known as Rahman, should not be underestimated, especially when considering the impact of the real Chandan Nandy’s article on India’s standing in the International Criminal Court. Just as the real Chandan Nandy’s piece had far-reaching consequences on India’s international legal position, Rahman’s writings could similarly influence the ongoing discourse on human rights in Bangladesh. His articles, which are overtly critical of the current Bangladeshi government and favorable towards the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), could skew perceptions and impact the international community’s stance on human rights issues in the country. Given that Rahman is a public figure with a platform on television and/or social media, the reach and influence of his writings could be substantial. He can laud that writer “Chandan Nandy” and create narratives via his talk shows or YouTube videos etc. centering what is discussed in these articles.


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