BNP leader Tarique Rahman enters lending business


Back in 2007, when Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) leader Tarique Rahman was arrested by the military-backed interim government, he was asked – who is his role model. In response Tarique said, anti-Semite and ultra-Islamist Malaysian leader Mahathir Muhammad was his role model. Being the son of Maj Gen Ziaur Rahman, Tarique never considers his father as his role model. As he has been living in self-exile in the United Kingdom now for almost seventeen years as a fugitive as Tarique Rahman has been convicted for his direct involvement in August 21, 2004 terrorist attacks targeting Awami League president Sheikh Hasina and leaders of the party, as well as in another case where he was directly involved in supplying weapons and explosives to United Liberation Front of Assom (ULFA), a separatist group in the northeastern part of India, Tarique Rahman has found his new guru in Mohammad Yunus, controversial Nobel Prize laureate and founder of Grameen Bank, a microcredit organization that has been extracting high-interest from the poor thus intensifying their sufferings.

It may be mentioned here that, according to a number of recent reports published in Blitz, Muhammad Yunus has connections with Jeffrey Epstein – the infamous pedophile as well as his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell and her younger sister Isabel Maxwell (one of the key figures in Grameen America).

In an exclusive interview to Blitz, internationally known Danish investigative journalist Tom Heinemann has exposed how Muhammad Yunus has been cheating millions of poor people in Bangladesh and the world and how he has been forcing borrowers of his microcredit in paying exorbitant amount of interest, despite the fact, Yunus has been receiving millions of dollars as grant from international organizations for helping poor people.

Now BNP leader Tarique Rahman too has adopted the business policy of his guru – Muhammar Yunus.

According to an advertisement circulating through Google AdSense, Tarique Rahman is offering loans to people in Bangladesh through two companies named Wisdomwin Private Limited and Sunwallet Kredit. The advertisement says:

“Need money? Now take a loan. Trusted lending partner. Amount of loan BDT 80,000. Download Sun Wallet App”.

The advertisement of Google AdSense is running along with a photograph of Tarique Rahman.


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