Prakash Mohara in AHRC: A silent puppet in a web of notoriety


Blitz has exposed the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) in a series of damning revelations that have sent shockwaves through the international human rights community. From allegations of sexual misconduct to the misuse of funds, involvement in criminal syndicates, and AHRC’s connections with Islamist powers, the AHRC has been unmasked as an organization steeped in controversy and deceit. The revelations have painted a picture of an entity that has strayed far from its human rights mandate, engaging in activities that make them appear more akin to villains than champions of justice.

One of the members of AHRC, Prakash Mohara, has emerged as a figure of particular interest in this unfolding saga. As the executive director of AHRC, according to our investigation, Mohara’s role has been cast into the spotlight, not for his leadership but for his alleged position as a puppet within the organization. His connections to figures accused of criminal activities within AHRC have raised serious questions about his autonomy and integrity.

Prakash Mohara: A puppet’s role

Prakash Mohara’s tenure within AHRC has been marked by silence and compliance. Allegedly being used by other corrupt leaders within the organization, Mohara’s position appears to be more of a puppet than an independent leader. His connections to figures accused of criminal activities within AHRC have raised serious questions about his autonomy and integrity.

Keeping silent to retain position

Mohara’s silence on the allegations and controversies surrounding AHRC is seen as a strategic move to retain his position within the organization. Despite the mounting evidence of criminal syndicates, money laundering, and connections to terrorist organizations, Mohara has kept his mouth shut, seemingly prioritizing his role within AHRC over the pursuit of truth and justice.

Summary of previous exposés

Blitz’s previous reports have shed light on the complex and potentially corrupt nature of AHRC:

  • AHRC’s Alleged Criminal Syndicate: Investigations have exposed AHRC as a potential criminal syndicate, involved in activities ranging from money laundering to connections with terrorist organizations.
  • Transnational Partnerships and Regional Conflicts: AHRC’s activities are intertwined with regional conflicts and political dynamics, forming alliances with other criminal organizations.
  • AHRC’s Espionage Activities: Involvement of AHRC in espionage activities, connections to illegal casino websites, and alignment with extremist ideologies have been revealed.

Prakash Mohara’s role in AHRC is emblematic of the challenges facing the global human rights landscape. His alleged position as a puppet and his silence in the face of serious allegations demand careful examination, transparency, and accountability.

Our investigation into AHRC and Prakash Mohara will continue, guided by our unwavering dedication to truth and justice.

The expose of AHRC and Mohara’s role within it is far from over. The time has come for a thorough investigation into Mohara’s position and the allegations surrounding AHRC.


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