‘As Catholic As Pope,’ proclaims an Islamist propagandist Jon Danilowicz


Jon Danilowicz, who has been working as a lobbyist for Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), an ultra-Islamist terrorist organization has recently proclaimed himself “as Catholic as Pope”.

Following publication of a couple of investigative reports exposing nefarious lobbyist activities run by Jon Danilowicz and his Islamist cohorts in favor of BNP, a desperate Jon and the gang of Islamist cyber terrorists have resorted to smear propaganda targeting Blitz, a newspaper that has been well-respected by millions of people throughout the world, including key figures in the United States and the West as the most influential newspaper in the Muslim world for this unbiased editorial policy and hard-hitting reports exposing notoriety of Islamists, jihadists, terrorists and religious bigots. Being driven totally mad at Blitz a shattered Jon Danilowicz in a recent tweet said, “Again, check your facts. I am as Catholic as the Pope. And if you think Weekly Blitz [name of this newspaper is not Weekly Blitz. It is Blitz] and NYT are on par, I probably can’t help you. Bangladesh Zindabad”.

Although Jon Danilowicz proclaims himself “as Catholic as Pope” we aren’t sure which pope he is referring to. Is it Pope Benedict? In fact, Jon Danilowicz is even worse than Pope Benedict as he has been making his living by working as a lobbyist-cum-propagandist for BNP, a notorious terrorist organization.

A desperate Jon Danilowicz who openly pronounces “Bangladesh Zindabad” the official slogan of BNP even went further by falsely accusing Blitz of running “ad hominem attacks”, although he does not have the moral courage of refuting any of the allegations that Blitz has already published.

In the face of baseless accusations, Blitz stands as a paragon of integrity, never resorting to “ad hominem” attacks. Unlike Jon Danilowicz and his associates, who are mired in pro-Islamist and pro-terrorist ideologies, this newspaper remains untainted and resolute. We are neither a rotter nor a disgraced entity, and we refuse to be lumped in with those who betray principles for personal gain.

It may be mentioned here that, Jon Danilowicz, a former Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Bangladesh has become a propagandist in favor of Islamists and jihadists in Bangladesh by joining a vicious group named ‘Right to Freedom’, which is jointly funded by Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI). Within the diplomatic and media circle in Bangladesh, Jon Danilowicz was known as an influential diplomat who made frantic bids in sabotaging the January 5, 2014 general elections in Bangladesh and plant an unelected coalition government of several members of the civil society, including a controversial editor of an English daily as well as members of Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamaat-e-Islami. He also made frantic bids in saving war criminals from being prosecuted.

As Jon Danilowicz failed to unseat Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government by sabotaging the election, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton turned furious at him. As a result, he was abruptly withdrawn from Dhaka and transferred to Islamabad as Consulate General – just within 17 months of his stay in Bangladesh. In his previous two postings in Bangladesh, Jon Danilowicz completed three years of the tenures – each time. Meaning, totally he has served at the US Embassy in Bangladesh for a total period of 89 months.

According to the description of Jon Danilowicz on his LinkedIn profile: “Thirty two years of reporting on and analyzing global political developments, managing justice sector assistance programs, and providing leadership in some of our most challenging diplomatic posts. Currently seeking to draw upon these international experiences to promote domestic political and economic development. Looking to leverage my background as a teacher, mentor, strategic thinker and practitioner to link the global with the local in my native New England”.

According to his Twitter handle, Jon Danilowicz has been dedicatedly working against Bangladesh and ruling Awami League, proving, it is now his full-time job to spread nefarious propaganda against Bangladesh. In addition to such nefarious propaganda, Jon Danilowics has recently written a derogatory content against Bangladesh, which is published on his own website named ‘South Asia Perspectives’.

Interestingly, the address of the ‘South Asia Perspectives’ website is 1015 15th St NW, Suite 600, Washington DC, 20005, whereas according to the website of ‘Right to Freedom’ its office also is at the same address, proving this website also is funded by BNP-Jamaat nexus.

According to the ‘About Us’ page of the ‘South Asia Perspectives’, this website is run by the same gang of BNP-Jamaat nexus such as William B Milam, Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey, Jon Danilowicz, and Sultan Muhammed Zakaria.

Jon Danilowicz commits a punishable crime in the United States

For the last many years, although former US diplomats William B Milam and Jon Danilowicz have been working as lobbyists for the ultra-Islamist Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) along with a few more individuals in the United States, none of them have registered themselves as lobbyists thus violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

The US Department of Justice says, “Penalty for a willful violation of FARA is imprisonment for not more than five years, a fine of up to US$250,000, or both. Certain violations are considered misdemeanors, with penalties of imprisonment of not more than six months, a fine of not more than US$5,000, or both”.

According to law firm Burnham & Gorokhov, “Violation of FARA can carry criminal penalties. Under 18 U.S.C. § 618 violation of FARA can be either a felony carrying up to five years in prison or a misdemeanor carrying up to six months, depending on which particular provision of FARA is violated.  Violation of the act can also result in civil penalties or, in the case of non-citizens, deportation from the United States”.

In the cases of William B Milam and Jon Danilowicz in particular as well as Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey (a British national), they are violating FARA by hiding their lobbyist assignments under the garb of so-called news site and organization, although in reality, all of these entities are nakedly working as lobbyists for ultra-Islamist Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

The US Department of Justice as well as authorities concerned, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) need to initiate an immediate investigation into this specific allegation of violating FARA by former US diplomats William B Milam and Jon Danilowicz as well as their cohort Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey.

BNP agent Jon Danilowicz’s gang insults India, Hindus, and Hindi

Terrorist organization Bangladesh Nationalist Party and its agents, including Jon Danilowicz are notoriously involved in passing extremely derogatory remarks targeting India, Hindus, and even Hindi.

In one of the tweets of Jon Danilowicz, a BNP activist shared a screenshot of the Hindi version of Blitz and wrote, “Cow urine detected and you’re drunk”.

Cow urine tweet by bnp
Cow urine tweet by BNP handler

This Twitter comment of the promoter of ultra-Islamist BNP evidently proves their hatred towards India, Hindus, and even India’s state language, which is not only highly unacceptable – it also proves – if this ultra-Islamist terrorist organization succeeds in returning to power, it will once again reinstate its rogue practices of patronizing and funding separatist and terrorist activities inside India, thus pushing the entire region under serious security menace.


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