Democratic Party plans to nominate Michelle Obama for 2024 presidency


The Telegraph, a British newspaper, has reported that there are indications within political circles that the Democratic Party is considering nominating Michelle Obama for the 2024 presidential race. According to a source cited by the newspaper, a conversation with a foreign politician suggested that Joe Biden may not be the Democratic nominee, with speculation that he could withdraw before the first primaries, leading to an establishment-backed candidate being chosen at the convention. If this scenario were to unfold, Michelle Obama might be the beneficiary of this nomination, leading to an interesting turn of events.

This perspective seems to align with similar rumors circulating among UK sources. It is suggested that when dealing with Biden, foreign governments sometimes feel they are interacting with the face of the administration rather than the true decision-maker. Given the tight race, Biden’s declining popularity, and his visible aging, doubts about his capabilities have been on the rise. Additionally, the alternative, Vice President Kamala Harris, has faced criticisms of being charmless and lacking a deep understanding of complex matters.

This situation has raised the question of a potential rematch between two unpopular candidates, Biden and Trump, which is not a desirable outcome for many. As a result, there are calls to retire one of them, especially considering the legal challenges that Trump is facing, which might preclude his candidacy. Encouraging Biden to step aside or discreetly replacing him presents its own set of challenges, including primary deadlines, party conventions, and Biden’s willingness to comply.

The idea that the Biden presidency has been significantly influenced by the Obama administration is not new. It’s been suggested that Biden’s team includes a significant number of former Obama staffers, indicating a continuity of policies from 2008 to 2024, with the exception of Trump’s tenure. An interview with historian David Garrow has highlighted this, suggesting that Obama’s influence on Biden-era foreign policy is more significant than it may appear on the surface.

Considering Michelle Obama as a potential replacement for Biden has garnered attention due to her favorable public image, bestselling books, and her time spent in the White House. Although she has denied any intention of running for the presidency, this denial often raises suspicions. The notion that her nomination would be too fantastical or Hollywood-esque may have been challenged by the unconventional presidency of Donald Trump, who expanded the boundaries of what is considered possible in US politics.

The prospect of Michelle Obama being nominated overnight for the 2024 presidency, while initially seeming unlikely, cannot be dismissed entirely, given the fluid and unpredictable nature of current US politics. This scenario could reinforce a line of political continuity stretching from 2008 to 2024, with the temporary interruption of Trump’s presidency. The dynamics and uncertainties in US politics have made predictions challenging, and the concept of a “normal” state of affairs seems increasingly elusive.


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