Doubts surround Bangladeshi actor’s “Humanitarian Award”: An examination of Andrise Bass and her controversial organizations


A recent event has caught the attention of the media in Bangladesh. Zayed Khan, a popular Bangladeshi actor, claimed to have received a “Humanitarian Leadership Award”, with supposed ties to the United Nations. This assertion has caused a media stir and has been challenged by Blitz, a prominent Bangladeshi newspaper. The controversy lies not just in the award, but in the organization and the person behind it — Andrise Bass.

Despite Khan’s reduced activity in the Bangladeshi film industry, news about the actor continues to circulate on social media. Khan’s recent visit to the United States, during which he was reportedly honored with the award, has sparked a flurry of Facebook memes and discussions.

According to multiple Bangladeshi media outlets, the “Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research” and the “Humanitarian Focus Foundation” have jointly awarded 40 individuals worldwide with the “Humanitarian Leadership Award”. Zayed Khan, reportedly chosen for his humanitarian actions during the Covid-19 pandemic, is among the recipients.

Zayed Khan’s award was supposedly presented at a special reception in the Delegates’ Dining Room at United Nations headquarters. The news was disseminated by Khan himself from his verified Facebook page, adding to the intrigue surrounding the event. At the same event, Khan was also appointed as the ‘Global Peace Ambassador’.

Blitz, known for its coverage of international issues, began to question the validity of this news. The newspaper reached out to United Nations authorities to validate the award and the affiliation of the “Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research”.

Following is the video ceremony of “The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Awards”

As Blitz deepened its investigation, several disconcerting details came to light. For instance, the domain for the “Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research” was only purchased in September 2022. Moreover, the institute has bestowed a large number of “Life Time Awards” since its inception, including to US President Joe Biden — an honor he has not acknowledged.

Andrise Bass, the central figure in this controversy, is the President & Founder of the Humanitarian Focus Foundation, and the Founder of the Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research. She also claims to hold a Ph.D., a fact that has raised eyebrows due to the lack of evidence supporting her academic credentials. Bass, prior to her involvement in these organizations, worked as a sales manager and later evolved into a business coach.

Interestingly, despite the recent purchase of the website domain, the organization asserts that it was founded in 2017, under the presidency of Carlos Manuel Perez Gonzales, with Andrise Bass as the founder, and Frédérick Ordines as the international director. These inconsistent dates add another layer of suspicion around the organization’s operations and credibility.

Moreover, the Blitz has previously exposed similar dubious award organizations. One such instance is the “Global Child Prodigy Awards” in India. These organizations operate on a questionable business model that involves offering awards to individuals in return for monetary compensation.

Before her recent humanitarian endeavors, Andrise Bass had a career in sales and event management. However, the event management industry is notorious for distributing fake awards in exchange for money. These prior affiliations of Bass raise questions about her credibility, integrity and the authenticity of the organizations she now leads.

Additionally, Andrise Bass’s sudden involvement in humanitarian, climate change, sustainability, and public welfare works raises further doubts. Little to no information about her could be found before 2021, except a single document from 2015, which according to our IT experts might have been post with back date.

Andrise Bass’s purported Ph.D. degree adds another element of suspicion. Our experts have found no trace of her academic record, further intensifying the uncertainty surrounding her.

Furthermore, Bass herself has acknowledged the endorsement of President Joe Biden, a claim that can be easily fabricated on social media. These loose ends and suspicious claims serve as reminders of the importance of transparency, verification, and due diligence in award recognitions and the organizations that offer them.

This scandal offers valuable lessons about the dubious nature of some award organizations and the need for stringent verification processes. Individuals and entities should remain vigilant about the awards they accept and the organizations from which these recognitions originate.


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