Over 103 local farms featured at Souq Waqif Dates Festival


The eighth edition of the highly anticipated Souq Waqif Local Dates Festival commenced with great enthusiasm, boasting an impressive participation of over 103 local farms and showcasing 14 delightful date varieties. Running for ten days until August 5, this year’s festival has seen a significant increase in local farm engagement compared to the previous year’s event, which hosted 85 local farms.

Khaled Saif Al Suwaidi, the General Supervisor of the Festival, revealed that this edition offers a distinctive allure, going beyond the traditional display of fresh dates for purchase. Visitors are treated to a diverse array of date-based products, including mouthwatering cakes, tarts, refreshing smoothies, delectable jams, and nourishing juices.

This year’s festival marks a milestone, witnessing the highest number of local farms participating, making it the most significant edition to date. Additionally, an exclusive section showcasing fruits and plants has been introduced, adding depth and variety to the festival. Notably, an inaugural competition has been launched to recognize the best local dates and branches, elevating the event’s significance within the agricultural community.

Al Suwaidi emphasized the paramount importance of the festival as a splendid showcase of the bountiful produce of local farmers. With over 14 types of dates available for selection, the event provides a platform for farmers to learn from and interact with each other, exchange insights on packaging techniques, discover new date varieties, and foster collaborations with fellow farms.

The inaugural day of the festival witnessed a substantial influx of eager attendees who flocked to the air-conditioned tent area at Al Ahmad Square. One buyer, Said from Tunisia, expressed his appreciation for the festival’s timely nature, coinciding with the peak season for dates when they are at their ripest. He commended the festival’s emphasis on supporting and patronizing local produce, highlighting the affordability and high-quality offerings available.

Besides the diverse date varieties, the festival proudly showcases an array of products derived from dates, including pastries, cakes, jams, juices, smoothies, pickles, and even ice-cream, all available for purchase at the venue.

The prices of dates are attractively set, with rates starting as low as QR6 per kilo, and reaching up to QR25 for three kilograms. For instance, one kilo of Khalas dates is priced at QR10; Khinaizi at QR8, and Nabth Saif, Lou Lou, Raziz, Gor, among others, priced at QR6 per kilo.

The Souq Waqif Local Dates Festival, located at Al Ahmad Square, opens its doors from 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm every day, except Fridays when it extends its operation until 10 pm. This vibrant festival celebrates the rich tradition of dates while supporting local farmers and delighting visitors with a plethora of date-based products to savor and enjoy.


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