Tesla will make affordable electric car in India, representative will meet Piyush Goyal


New Delhi : America’s electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors has agreed to set up a factory in India to make affordable vehicles. It is reported that it is planning to set up an electric vehicle plant in India. For this, the representatives of the company have started talking with the government. It has been said in a report that Tesla’s representative will also meet Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal this month. However, after the Central Government announced the implementation of the second phase of the Production Incentive Scheme (PLI Scheme) related to battery manufacturing of electric vehicles in India last Friday, Tesla representatives met officials of the Ministry of Heavy Industry and demanded changes in government policies. On this demand of the company, the government has made it clear that there will be no change in the policies for Tesla. He will have to produce electric vehicles by setting up a plant in India.

Tesla’s electric car will be cheaper than America-China

According to the report of news agency Reuters, Tesla is preparing to make its most affordable vehicle in India, which will be cheaper than Tesla cars available in China and America. At present, Elon Musk’s company is also engaged in talks with the government on the manufacture of auto parts in India. It has been said in the report that Tesla’s representative will meet Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal this month. After Elon Musk’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his US visit, the company’s representative will hold a high-level meeting with Piyush Goyal.

Five lakh vehicles will be produced annually

Explain that the share of electric vehicles in the total vehicle sales in India is less than 2 percent. Tesla plans to focus on increasing its sales with affordable electric vehicles. The Reuters report states that Tesla’s proposed factory will have the capacity to produce half a million electric cars annually. Along with this, the Tesla plant to be built in India will be about 25 percent cheaper than the company’s factory available in China, which will reduce the prices of vehicles in the country. Currently, the price of Tesla Model 3 in China starts from around Rs 30 lakh. At the same time, in India it can be launched for Rs 20 lakh.

Vehicles will be exported from India

Along with this, there is also news that American automaker Tesla is also considering preparing India as a potential export hub. It can be used as a base for exporting cars to countries in the Indo-Pacific region. The company is also building a new and affordable platform for its electric vehicles in India. Under this, the company can also launch a new Tesla electric car in the country, which is not yet available for sale in any country.

Musk also met PM Modi for electric vehicle manufacturing

Let us tell you that after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to America, the talk of starting Tesla’s business in India has gained strength. During this, Prime Minister Modi had a separate meeting with Elon Musk and there was a long conversation between the two about starting Tesla’s business in the country. Talking to the media, Musk had said that Prime Minister Modi has encouraged Tesla to make substantial investments in the country.

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Tesla’s Y model could be India’s first car

According to media reports, the Y model of American carmaker Tesla could be the first car in the Indian market. It features a muscular hood, closed-off grille, sweptback LED headlamps with integrated daytime running lights, flush-fitted door handles, chrome-lined windows and designer alloy wheels. The Y model has a powerful electric motor, which is connected to a 75kWh battery pack. In a single charge, this electric vehicle will cover a distance of up to 525 km.


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