Bihar: Two teenagers died due to drowning in the Ganges in Begusarai, there was chaos in the family, the water level of the river continues to rise.


Bihar News: Two teenagers drowned while taking a bath in the river Ganga in Bihar’s Begusarai district. Due to this both of them have died. After this, there has been uproar among the relatives of the deceased. This whole matter is related to Ganga river located at Gyan Toll of Sahebpur Kamal police station area of ​​the district. It is to be known that both the children were taking bath in the water of river Ganga. Meanwhile it started sinking. Seeing him drowning, the people around started making noise. Also tried to save both. But, the children went into deep water. Because of this both of them could not be saved.

silence in the area

Two children have died a painful death due to drowning in the river Ganga. After this incident there was hue and cry in Fatehpur village of Panchavati Panchayat. There is chaos among the relatives of the deceased. Due to this incident of death, sensation has spread in the area. At the same time, local divers have taken out the bodies of the children from the river. After this, the dead bodies have been sent to Sadar Hospital for postmortem. Both the juvenile deceased have been identified as Masudan Kumar, 15-year-old son of Satyapal Mahto, resident of Fatehpur village of Panchavati Panchayat, and Hareram Kumar, 13-year-old son of Bulbul Chowdhary.

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Ganga’s water level continues to rise

The water level of Ganga is continuously increasing. Let us inform that people of many states across the country are troubled by the heavy rains. Its effect is also being seen in Bihar. The water level of Ganga is continuously increasing in many districts. The water level of river Ganga is increasing every hour in Buxar. The speed of water is increasing at the rate of two centimeters per hour. In Begusarai also the water level of Ganga is increasing. Due to this, there is panic among the local people across the state. In many areas, the fear of flood has started troubling people. The rains of the past days and the increasing water level of the tributaries are directly affecting the Ganga. At the same time, the news of drowning of people in the Ganges is coming from many places.

Due to the rains in Nepal, the water level of many rivers in North Bihar is continuously increasing. Here, the water level of Ganga and Budhi Gandak river is continuously going upwards at all places of the state. According to the forecast of the Water Resources Department, the Gandak river has reached very close to the danger mark at Dumariyaghat in Gopalganj and Lalgand in Vaishali. Even in Dumri of Khagaria, the river is flowing close to the red mark. There, there is a possibility of an increase in the water level in Supaul’s Kosi. In Katihar district, the water level of Ganga and Barandi river continues to rise. After remaining stable for a few days in many areas, the water level of river Ganga has started rising once again. Due to which the people living in the coastal areas of Ganga are in panic. Seeing the possibility of flood, people have started packing their belongings. At the same time, some people are constantly falling victim to accidents.

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Here, many preparations are being made by the government regarding the rising water level of the river. In fact, now people will get information about the rising water level of the rivers five days in advance through an app. Its preparation has started. The department is working to develop a high-tech app for this. State-of-the-art app is being prepared. Soon the rising water level of the state’s rivers will be predicted through this. Its danger will be taken in advance. After this, preparations will be made to avoid it. It is being told that it will be used from the next session. On the other hand, in Begusarai on Tuesday, two children drowned in the river due to the rising water level of the river. The Ganga has reached the Ghat at Gyan Toll here. Mourning silence has spread in the village after this incident.



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