Irrigation department employee’s son shot dead after entering his house in Patna, pistol magazine recovered from the spot


In Patna, fearless criminals are carrying out criminal incidents in broad daylight, sometimes on the road and sometimes by entering houses. One such incident took place in the quarters of the irrigation department near the power house of Bihta police station area. Where the only son of a worker was shot dead by entering the house. By the time the relatives could come out after hearing the sound of the bullet, the criminals ran away waving their arms. There was a stir in the area after the incident.

Police and SFL team started investigation

After getting information about the incident, the police and the SFL team reached the spot and started the investigation. The police have recovered the magazine of the pistol from the spot. After the death, there was hue and cry among the other family members including the mother, wife of the deceased. The youth was identified as Ankit Kumar (25 years), son of late Surendra Singh, resident of Nalanda district. It is said that after the death of Ankit’s father, mother Meena Devi got a job in the irrigation department on compassionate grounds. For about eight years, Meena Devi used to live with the whole family in the government quarters provided by the Irrigation Department in Bihta.

Criminals shot Ankit in the head

According to the information received from the sources, at around 11 pm on Sunday, two unknown criminals suddenly entered the quarter and shot Ankit in the head. Due to which he died. While the relatives informed the police at 3-4 in the morning. The mother alleges that our son has been shot by his two years. Although there is resentment among the people due to this incident. People say that one big incident after another is being executed very easily in Bihta. And the police are sitting on their hands. It may be known that in the past, land trader Sunil Sao was shot dead in Amhara village of Bihta.

mother constantly changing statement

Meena Devi, the mother of the deceased, is constantly changing her statement during the police interrogation. Ankit has been murdered or he himself has committed suicide. The police itself is entangled in solving its mystery. Deceased Ankit was married 10 years ago to Richa Kumari, a resident of Bharathu village in Jehanabad district. Ankit has two sons. After a few years of marriage, there was a quarrel between husband and wife. Due to which the wife used to stay in her maternal home. While both the children lived near Ankit. Circle Inspector Kamleshwar Prasad Singh said that prima facie it seems to have been shot dead by the criminals. But it will be confirmed only after the post mortem report comes.

Shootout in Bhagalpur, criminals chased a land trader and shot six bullets

Delhi’s youth riddled with bullets in Parsa

Here, in Tadwa Suitha village of Parsa Bazar police station area, the criminals escaped after firing a youth from Delhi with bullets. The fearless criminals fired four to five bullets into the young man’s body and ran away thinking him dead. On the information of the villagers, police reached Parsa Bazar police station and took the young man to Punpun Primary Health Center. From there the doctors sent him to PMCH. The injured youth has told his name as Navish Lakshmi Narayan and father M Lakshmi Narayan’s address Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin. The police suspect that a friend of the young man might have been called in Patna and over a dispute over some matter brought him to a deserted area with the intention of killing him and riddled him with bullets. The police is trying to find out when and how the youth came to Patna from Delhi. Also, what is his relation with which people in Patna.

The injured person may be of a criminal character

People told the police that after midnight on Sunday, the sound of firing was heard outside the village. When people reached there early in the morning, a young man was lying injured due to bullet injury. After this the villagers informed the police. The villagers have told the police team that a person from Beur area had brought this young man from Delhi to this area. At the same time, the police believe that there will be a business relationship with the injured youth and the people who brought him to this area. The police also suspect that the injured person may be of a criminal character.

Four to five bullets were fired in the young man’s body

Parsa Bazar Police Station Sanjeev Kumar Mauar said that on Monday morning at around 5:30 am, the police team reached the spot on the information of the villagers, where a blood-soaked youth was lying in an injured condition. The criminals have fired four to five bullets in his body. The youth has been shot in other parts of the body including head, chest and waist. The police is questioning the people around. The injured person was repeatedly telling that the person who shot him recognizes him and will take revenge on him after recovering. However, despite asking a lot from the police, he could not tell the name of the shooter and fainted.


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