Hemant government serious about the drought like situation in Jharkhand once again, instructions given to deal with every situation


Jharkhand News: Drought situation is once again arising in Jharkhand. Due to less rains, planting has not started in 13 districts of the state. Hemant government is very serious about this. On Monday, July 24, 2023, while reviewing the schemes run by the Department of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Cooperation, Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that more than 70% of the people of the state are dependent on agriculture. Last time also our concerns were about the rural areas. Last time, we had given quick relief regarding the ill effects of the coming drought. This time also there is a drought like situation. The government is serious about this. This issue has been discussed seriously. Also said that we have discussed what we can do better for the farmers. Many decisions have also been taken. We are keeping an eye on the weather. At the same time, instructions have also been given to the departments to deal with every situation.

Instructions of Chief Minister Hemant Soren

Create an action plan to integrate agricultural production with new crops or cropping systems.

Initiative should be taken to establish model farm to promote animal husbandry.

Explore the possibilities of exporting agricultural products.

The rural economy will be strengthened by the strength of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Kisan Pathshala is being made ‘Center of Agriculture Movement’.

Rural economy will be strengthened only through agriculture and animal husbandry

During the high-level review meeting of the schemes run by the Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Cooperative Department, the Chief Minister said that the rural economy would be strengthened only through agriculture and animal husbandry. Unless the farmers and cattle herders are empowered, the state will not move fast on the path of development. Because of this, many schemes are going on to promote agriculture and animal husbandry. Concrete work will be done on the ground to ensure that they get full benefits of these schemes. Establish Kisan Pathshala as a school

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Establish Kisan Pathshala as a school

The Chief Minister said that Kisan Pathshala should be set up like a school. This can be the Center of Agriculture Movement. In such a situation, regular training and workshop should be organized for the farmers here. Farmers should be given information about advanced and multi-alternative agriculture here. Make sure that arrangements are made to bring the farmers to the Kisan Pathshala. Not only this, the farmers should also be taken on a tour of neighboring villages, blocks and districts, so that they can be aware of the agricultural work done by other farmers.

Instructions to connect more and more farmers with KCC

He told the officials of the department to cover more and more farmers with KCC and take initiative to provide KCC loans. It is seen that banks are not showing interest in sanctioning KCC loans. In such a situation, work in the direction of launching cooperative banks and rural banks.

Explore the possibilities of exporting agricultural products

The CM said that in a state like Jharkhand, there are many such agricultural and forest produce, which yield well. But, the farmers do not get the proper benefit from it. In such a situation, along with making these agricultural products available in the market, explore the possibilities of their export. Along with this, make an action plan towards promoting agro industries as well.

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Prepare an action plan keeping in view the weather trend

He said that due to the current weather pattern, many big challenges are being faced by the farmers. In such a situation, prepare an action plan to link agricultural production with new crops or cropping systems. Motivate farmers to do alternative farming. Inform them about the techniques in this regard as well. He also said that farmers should be encouraged to cultivate millets, pulses and oil seeds.

Take steps to keep farmers engaged with farming

The Chief Minister said that today the cultivable land is decreasing and farmers are also turning into agricultural laborers. This is not a good sign for agriculture in any way. In such a situation, those farmers who are forced to become agricultural labourers, should be linked to schemes like Birsa Harit Gram Yojana and Nilambar-Pitamber Jal Samriddhi Yojana. With this, they will also be associated with agriculture and related works and their income will also increase.

Get animal insurance

CM Hemant Soren said that animal husbandry is very important for the farmers of the state from Jharkhand. If the animals die due to any reason, then the farmers and cattle rearers are financially broken. In such a situation, ensure the insurance of all the animals. For this, make a policy for insurance based on the calculation of animals in 2019.

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Make an action plan regarding milk production and fisheries

He said that by when the state will become self-sufficient in milk production and fisheries, make an action plan for this and implement the plans accordingly. Said that initiative should be taken in the direction of setting up model farms to promote animal husbandry. Due to this the production of milk will increase and the market will also be available.

Lamps – Strengthen Packs

The Chief Minister said that the government is working towards strengthening the lamps and packs in the state. However, the buildings of many LAMP-PAX are in a dilapidated condition. Make sure to repair these buildings and take its usefulness to the farmers. He also said that whatever cold storages are being built in the state, there should be arrangement of electricity and water along with the approach road, so that it can be used properly.

His presence in the review meeting

Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Cooperation Minister Badal Patralekh, Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh, Chief Secretary Vinay Kumar Choubey, Secretary Agriculture Abu Bakar Siddique, Registrar Cooperation Societies Mrityunjay Varnwal, Director Agriculture Chandan Kumar, Director Horticulture Nesar Ahmed, Director Soil Conservation Ajay Kumar Singh, Director Fisheries HM Dwivedi, Chief Executive Officer Sido Kanhu Agriculture and Forest Produce State Cooperation Union Sanjeev Kumar, Special Secretary Pradeep Hazari and Additional Secretary Vidhan Chandra Chowdhary were present.

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