Delhi High Court said, ‘Every citizen has a legal right to have a passport’, read the whole matter


Delhi High Court On Passport: Do you have passport too? If not, then it is very important for you to know this statement of the Delhi High Court. Let us tell you that the Delhi High Court has said that it is the legal right of every citizen to have a passport and the authorities cannot refuse to renew it merely on the apprehension of misuse of the passport. The court made this remark during the hearing of a petition by an Indian citizen seeking change in the date of birth mentioned in the passport.

Officers can refuse renewal only on the basis of law

The Delhi High Court said that the denial of a travel document seriously hinders the authorities of a citizen and the authorities can refuse to renew passport or cancel it only on the grounds laid down in law. In the present case, the authorities refused to update the passport of the petitioner with the date of birth on the ground that the claim for correction does not appear to be genuine.

Know what is the whole matter?

The counsel for the passport authority told the court that nearly 14 years have passed since the first passport was issued to the petitioner and if it is renewed or reissued with a new date of birth, he may be misusing the travel document. Dismissing the objection, the court noted that the authorities did not give any ground for rejecting the petitioner’s renewed application and that the application was filled with valid government documents.

‘Every citizen has a legal right to have a passport’

In a recent order, Justice Subramaniam Prasad said, “Every citizen has a legal right to hold a passport and it can be taken away only in accordance with law.” The authorities are bound to follow the procedure prescribed under the law and can refuse to renew the passport or cancel the passport only on the grounds mentioned in the law. The order states that in the present case, the respondent has merely apprehension that the earlier passports issued on February 11, 2003 and July 2, 2007 on the basis of birth certificate may have been misused, which is not a valid reason for denial of passport.

Order refusing renewal set aside

The court has said that the petitioner cannot be held responsible for the mistake made by the parents of the petitioner by giving wrong date of birth. Setting aside the order refusing to renew the passport, the court directed that the petitioner be issued a new passport with a changed date of birth, as per the documents produced by the petitioner.

Which documents are needed?

Come on, this is the matter of the court, now do you know which documents are needed to make a passport. If not, then let us know in detail…

1. Proof of Address

The applicant has to submit proof of address. It is one of the mandatory passport application documents required for Indian passport. You will need to submit a photocopy of any one of the following documents as proof of your address.

Voter ID Card

Aadhaar Card/e-Aadhaar

electricity bill

telephone bill

water bill

gas connection bill

Bank account statement

income tax assessment order

rent agreement

2. Proof of date of birth

The applicant has to submit proof of date of birth along with the application. This is another important document. You must submit a copy of any one of the following.

Birth certificate

PAN card

Aadhaar Card/e-Aadhaar

driving license

3. Photo ID proof

Passport applicant must submit a photo ID card along with the application. You must submit a copy of any one of the following.

Aadhaar Card/e-Aadhaar

PAN card

driving license

Voter ID Card

4. Passport size photographs

You must provide two recent passport size photographs with white background.

5. Previous passport

If you have an old passport, you will need to submit it along with your application form.

6. Other passport documents

Additionally, depending on your specific situation, other passport documents may also be required for Indian passport. It is recommended to check the Passport Application Guidelines on the official website of the Indian Passport Seva to ensure that you have all the required documents.


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