vegetable prepared from banned injection can spoil health


Hamirpur, 24 July (Hindustan Times). There is bad news for the people who eat gourd and pumpkin and other vegetables in the Bundelkhand region. Deadly injection is being used in these health-impairing vegetables these days, due to which it affects asthma, liver and kidney. Doctors are also advising to avoid vegetables that spoil health.

Thousands of people are growing green vegetables in the entire Bundelkhand region including Hamirpur. Vegetables, especially gourd, pumpkin, taroi and other green vegetables are prepared ahead of time using banned oxytocin injection. Apart from Hamirpur area, there are many such areas including Maudaha, Sarila, Gohand and Rath where farmers are preparing and selling vegetables that spoil health openly in the market. Lethal injection is also being used in capsicum, okra and potato.

On the condition of anonymity, many people told that farmers use banned Gibberellic acid alcohol and oxytocin in these green vegetables indiscriminately so that the vegetables can grow in a few hours. Serious diseases are also being gifted to people by selling vegetables that spoil their health in the vegetable markets.

Senior Physician, District Government Hospital, Dr. RS Prajapati told that people are suffering from many other diseases including asthma ulcer due to consumption of chemical and injected vegetables. These vegetables also affect the liver and kidney. He told that all the patients come to the hospital suffering from these diseases. Those who are being advised to avoid eating vegetables prepared with chemicals and injections.

Gourd is ready within a few hours by injection

People associated with the business of vegetables said that apart from gourd and pumpkin, other vegetables come in large quantities in the vegetable market every day. This gourd triples in weight due to banned injections and chemicals. Even a small pumpkin gets up to five kilos in weight due to chemicals and injections. Vegetable traders believe that these vegetables are injurious to health but they also have to buy vegetables.

Ayurveda’s Dr. Dilip Tripathi says that such vegetable causes incurable disease. That’s why people should avoid consuming it. He told that in Bundelkhand and surrounding areas, vegetables directly reach the kitchen here, due to which someone or the other in every household remains ill.

Asthma, cancer, skin diseases are being gifted

All the women including Radha, Santoshi and Sangeeta say that after buying gourd, taroi, parwal and capsicum etc. from the market, it gets spoiled the very next day. Red color is visible from inside when gourd is cut. The women said that several decades ago, vegetables did not spoil for several days, but now the condition of vegetables deteriorates within twelve hours. Same is the condition of apples and other fruits which spoil within a few hours.

ACMO of Hamirpur Dr. Ramautar said that people are falling prey to serious diseases by eating vegetables prepared with chemicals and injections. He told that there are complaints of asthma, skin diseases and stomach related diseases, that is why more people are there.


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