Jharkhand Weather: 35.5 mm of rain in Bokaro and 17 mm in Ramgarh, know how the weather will be tomorrow


35.5 mm of rain in Bokaro and 17 mm in Ramgarh

Bokaro district received 35.5 mm rainfall today, while Ramgarh received 17 mm rainfall. Khunti, Latehar received 1-1 mm of rain and West Singhbhum received 2 mm of rain respectively. It did not rain in Palamu today. However, Ranchi and Jamshedpur recorded 1.4 mm and 2.0 mm of rain, respectively.

Increased temperature of these districts of Jharkhand

Increase in maximum temperature was recorded in many districts of Jharkhand today. It includes Bokaro, Gumla, Khunti, Latehar, Lohardaga, Pakur, Sahibganj, Simdega and West Singhbhum. An increase of 2.4 degrees was recorded in the highest temperature of Bokaro. Gumla’s temperature increased by 1.7 degree, Latehar by 0.7 degree, Lohardaga by 2.5 degree, Pakur by 0.1 degree, Sahibganj by 0.5 degree, Simdega by 2.9 degree and West Singhbhum by 2.3 degree centigrade.

Daltonganj’s maximum and minimum temperature decreased

Today’s highest temperature in Palamu’s Daltenganj was 33.9 degree centigrade. The maximum temperature dropped by 1.1 degree Celsius during the last 24 hours, after which it settled at 33.9 degree centigrade, which is 1.7 degree above normal. At the same time, the minimum temperature decreased by 0.5 degree Celsius to 26.5 degree centigrade, which is 0.5 degree above normal.

Jamshedpur’s temperature rises

An increase of 0.6 degree Celsius was recorded in the maximum temperature of Jamshedpur today. After this, the maximum temperature here increased to 31.8 degree centigrade, which is 0.6 degree centigrade less than normal. However, a decrease of 0.2 degree centigrade was recorded in the minimum temperature, after which the minimum temperature here became 26 degree, which is 1.2 degree Celsius more than normal. Jamshedpur received 2 mm of rain today.

Rain-thunderstorm alert in Deoghar, Giridih, Hazaribagh, Ramgarh in a short while

The Meteorological Department has issued an alert for rain and thundershowers in Deoghar, Bokaro, Giridih, Hazaribagh and Ramgarh districts. Ranchi-based Meteorological Center issued an immediate warning on Sunday saying that there may be rain and thundershowers in the next one to three hours.

1.4 mm of rain in Ranchi, yet the temperature rises

Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi received 1.4 mm of rain on Sunday. Despite this, the maximum temperature of the city increased by 1.4 degrees. However, a slight drop of 0.2 degree centigrade has been recorded in the minimum temperature. Today, the maximum temperature of Ranchi was recorded at 29.4 degree, which is 0.4 degree centigrade less than normal. At the same time, the minimum temperature was 22.8 degree Celsius, which is 0.1 degree centigrade higher than normal.

Bokaro and Seraikela will rain in some time, alert issued

According to the latest update of the Meteorological Department, it will rain in Bokaro and Seraikela in the next one to three hours. During this, there is also a possibility of thunder with thunder. The Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert regarding this.

Jharkhand weather forecast

Lac cultivation encouraged in view of less rain

Galudih. In view of the less rainfall this year, the Darisai Krishi Vigyan Kendra is promoting the cultivation of lac. On Saturday, about 15 farmers from the villages of Ghatshila and Patmada block were prepared for lac cultivation. Along with giving technical information about fertilizers, management etc., 1200 safflower plants were distributed. These plants are six months old. Kusmi Lah production will start after two years. The cost of one kg of lacquer is 500 to 700 rupees per kg. Dr. Aarti Veena Ekka said that lac cultivation is more beneficial than other crops. Farmers can produce lac by planting Kusum, Palash, Bair trees. There is a great demand for lacquer. Many ornaments including lacquer bangles are made.

People got relief due to rain

It rained in Ramgarh city and its surrounding areas. Due to this, people got relief from the heat and the water level has also improved. From eight o’clock on Friday night to eight o’clock on Saturday morning, 28 mm of rain has been recorded. There is an estimate of 50-60 mm of rain till 3 o’clock in the day. Normal life was also affected by the rain.

Meteorological Department report, rain situation has improved

According to the data of the Meteorological Department, East Singhbhum should have received 418 mm of rain between June 1 and July 19, but received only 205.6 mm. At the same time, between June 1 and July 22, 256.4 mm of rain has been recorded while it should have received 446 mm of rain. Agriculture Officer of East Singhbhum Mithilesh Kalindi said that however, it is raining now. Farmers have also been asked to do alternative farming, but now we are hopeful. If the rains are good then agriculture will also be good. Things are now looking towards improvement.

Rain started again in the capital, this situation will remain till 29

It has started raining again in the capital Ranchi. The Meteorological Center has told that till July 29, the weather in the state will remain like this. Light to moderate rain will continue at some places.

The house of the poor fell in the rain

Tulia Devi’s husband Anil Saav’s kutcha house has collapsed due to rain in Upraili Kahuwai under village police station area of ​​Giridih. Went. It is a matter of relief that at that time the family was not inside the house, otherwise a big accident could have happened. Due to the collapse of the roof of the house, the goods kept in the house were destroyed. The victim has given an application to the Deputy Commissioner demanding compensation. He told that the full rain is yet to come. Demanded from the administration to give Ambedkar residence, so that the family gets the facility to stay.

‘Palamu’s situation is dire due to lack of rain’

Medininagar. Former minister Radhakrishna Kishore said that the situation in Palamu has become dire due to lack of rain. If this situation continues, it will be difficult for people to get drinking water. For this the district administration needs to prepare an action plan. Farmers have been completely affected due to weak monsoon. Till July 21, only 130 mm of rain has been received against 344 mm. Due to this the cover of paddy is zero in Palamu district till 21st July. Kishore said that Palamu DC should hold a meeting of the District Level Drought Committee and apprise the government after assessing the rainfall situation. So that an advance plan for alternative farming and livestock distribution can be prepared. Due to very less rainfall in 2022-23, the production of Kharif and Rabi crops was badly affected. After this, the entire Palamu district was declared as drought area by the Jharkhand government. The farmers of Palamu, who were facing the brunt of the drought of the year 2022-23, were still unable to recover that the monsoon has once again cheated them in the current year. 15 days have passed since Ardra Nakshatra ended. But in Palamu district till now paddy has not been planted. Patan, Padwa, Medininagar, Chainpur, Lesligaj, Satbarwa, Hariharganj, Pipra, and Tarhsi are the blocks of the district, where less than 85 mm of rain has been recorded.

Ropa did not start in 13 districts due to less rain, the sound of drought

Jharkhand is once again showing signs of drought. It’s been almost a month since monsoon arrived. Despite this, it has rained only about half of the normal. Due to the poor condition of rains, even plantation has not started in 13 districts of the state. Where it has been planted, it is also sporadic. Paddy cultivation has started in some districts by direct sowing. Seeing the condition of monsoon and Ropa, the Agriculture Department has also been alerted.

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Relief to farmers due to rain in two days in East Singhbhum, hopes raised

In Jharkhand, the indifference of monsoon was affecting the agriculture of the agricultural farmers of East Singhbhum district, but the rains in the last two days have brought great relief. Farmers’ agriculture has got a new life. Farmers are hopeful of better yield after Bichda. After July 19, there has been a lot of difference in the situation after July 22. According to the Meteorological Department, till now East Singhbhum district was supposed to receive 316.4 mm of rain normally, but so far 160.6 mm of rain has been received. More rain is expected in the remaining 9 days. There has been 33.8 mm of rain only on 22 July. There it was 10 mm of rain on 21 July. Because of this, the condition of agricultural farmers in the district seems to be improving and it is expected that now the rains will be fine and farming will be saved.

Monsoon is active in Jharkhand, it will continue to rain till July 29

Monsoon is currently active in Jharkhand. Light to moderate rain is lashing almost the entire state. Heavy rains also occurred at many places in Chaibasa district. Chakulia received maximum rainfall of around 97 mm. It rained intermittently throughout the day in the capital Ranchi. There has been about seven mm of rain in Ranchi. According to the Meteorological Center, till July 29, the weather in the state will remain like this. Light to moderate rain will continue at some places. The maximum temperature of the capital was 28 degree Celsius on Saturday.


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