Computer class will start soon in 37000 schools of Bihar, professional teachers of special subjects will be appointed


Computer education will start very soon in 28 thousand middle and 9300 secondary and higher secondary schools of Bihar i.e. more than 37 thousand government schools. At least 20 computers will be provided in each secondary and higher secondary school and 10 computers each in middle schools. In fact, these laptops are to be given to the schools for the convenience of computer education and e-library to the students of class 9th to 12th.

District officials instructed to make an action plan

Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department KK Pathak has asked all the district officials of the state to prepare an action plan in this direction. For computer studies, the services of professional professionals will be taken on honorarium basis. According to Additional Chief Secretary KK Pathak, all the computers hired in the designated schools will be installed through empaneled vendors. ICT instructors will be made available to conduct classes at a fixed rate. E-library facility will be made available from these computers only. This facility of e-library will be given absolutely free to the children preparing for engineering and medical.

E-library will also be available from computers and laptops

Additional Chief Secretary of Education Department KK Pathak has written in his official letter that these laptops will be purchased from the amount provided for plus two schools in the financial years 2022-23 and 2023-24 under the Bihar Education Project ICT, Library and Smart Class. The facility of e-library should be provided from these computers and laptops, for this SCERT has been made the nodal agency. All the books related to the syllabus of the concerned classes and the reading material prepared by the state government should be put in this e-library by SCERT. An e-module should be prepared for this. In which question bank and gas paper etc. should be uploaded. For which books will be made available in the e-library, instructions have been given to the district education officers.

Principals will be responsible

However, Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department Pathak has made it clear that the responsibility of the security of these laptops will be of the principals. He will ensure that after the end of the school term in the evening, all the laptops are closed and kept in an almirah or iron box. In case of theft, its responsibility will be directly considered that of the headmaster.

Professional teachers of special subjects will be made available to the schools

The education department will appoint experts or professionals to teach and take additional classes in Plus Two schools, especially in computer as well as English, science and maths classes. Some institutions are being listed for this. On a special honorarium or rate, these teachers will teach the course books during the school period. After this, he will prepare the interested students for engineering/medical etc. professional courses. These specialist teachers will be paid per class from the student fund and development fund of the school. If there is a shortfall in the amount, the department will make it available. The Additional Chief Secretary has told the District Education Officers that the motive behind this exercise is to attract children towards government schools, keeping them away from coaching. Rates have been fixed for facilities like ICT instructor, stenographer, professionals, night guard etc. for conducting computer classes.

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Necessary manpower will be outsourced in schools and offices

Here, all the Regional Deputy Directors of Education and District Education Officers of the state have been told that they need as much manpower as they need. Get it fixed. Outsourcing will be done to meet the requirement of manpower from district level to school level. The department has fixed both the rate and the vendor for this.

According to the budget, the instruction to keep the man changed

In a letter issued by the Department’s Administration Director Subodh Kumar Chowdhary, it has been said that while determining the number of manpower, the available budget should also be kept in mind. It has been asked to keep the human body according to the budget. Along with this, the list of which vendor will provide manpower in which district has been made available to all the districts. Chaudhary said that care should be taken that all work orders of almost normal value are issued, so that no vendor gets a chance to say that a partial attitude has been adopted towards him at the district level. A list of how much manpower is required in which office or school will be sent later.

vendors have been determined

Similarly, in another letter, the deputy directors of district education and regional education have been asked to fulfill the requirement of computers and other equipment by holding centralized tenders. The rates and vendors have been fixed for hiring the equipment. It has been written in the letter that the concerned vendors will also install VC plants in the schools.


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