Bihar: Uproar again in Darbhanga, after the dispute of hoisting the flag, now there is a clash over burning the dead body, attack on the police


Various incidents are creating ruckus in Darbhanga. Different incidents of clashes between the two sides have given sleepless nights to the administration as well. In the last two days, two groups clashed in the dispute over flag hoisting and more than a dozen people were injured. On the other hand, late on Sunday evening, there was a dispute regarding the last rites of the dead body and there was fierce fighting. Many people were also injured in this, while the police who reached to cool down the matter were also pelted with stones.

Controversy over the funeral of the dead body

Two parties came face to face while burning a dead body in Dharampur village of Hariharpur East Panchayat under Kamtaul police station area under the district. In this dispute between the two parties, there was fierce fighting. In no time, the spot turned into a battlefield. The miscreants set fire to the bullet of chief Ajay Kumar Jha. On the other hand, when the information was received by the police, the police team reached the spot. But the police team that had come to take action also had to become a victim of anger and the police started fighting. In which many police personnel were injured. At the same time, as a precautionary measure, a large number of police forces have been deployed in the village.

Controversy over flag hoisting in Darbhanga, stones pelted at police

Let us tell that the situation of tension remained due to another incident in Darbhanga. A dispute arose between the two groups on Sunday regarding the flag hoisting near the Shivdhara market committee. People on both sides became furious. The tussle started. In front of the police present on the spot, stones and stones kept raining from both the sides. In this incident, more than a dozen people from both sides were injured, including a policeman. Also many were injured. Apart from the personnel of the riot control team, a large number of police forces were deployed from the district. According to information, the miscreants started pelting stones at them in Karhatiya when the police team reached late night to raid, in which two policemen were injured. And the police vehicle was badly damaged.

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What is the matter?

It is said that people of one group put up a flag near the market committee on Saturday night, which was removed by the other party. Again the flag was planted again at the same place. The incident was reported to the Mabbi police. Taking cognizance by the police, dignitaries from both sides were called to the police station. At the same time, the members of the district and local peace committee were also called. In the meeting, it was agreed to remove the flag and plant it at another place. Here, dozens of people from both the groups kept creating ruckus. As a precautionary measure, police officers and jawans were deployed on the road.

Many injured in the blockade.

Meanwhile, the people involved in the meeting reached the place of flag hoisting under mutual decision. People got furious as soon as the flag was removed. After this the atmosphere deteriorated. Clashes started from both the sides. A stampede broke out. People started running here and there to save their lives. The tussle went on for a long time. Seeing the matter getting worse, City SP Sagar Kumar Jha first reached the spot along with the security force. After this the District Magistrate, SSP, SDM and other high officials reached. After the arrival of a large number of police force personnel, the matter could be pacified.


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