Two youths died after falling from a moving train in Nalanda, Rajgir was going to visit Malmas fair


Nalanda. Two youths have died in a trace accident in Nalanda. Both the youths were going to see the Rajgir Malmas fair with their families, but both fell from the train on the way and both died on the spot. The bodies of both were found on the track side on the Biharsharif-Bakhtiyarpur railway section. After this incident, there has been uproar among the relatives of the deceased. The deceased have been identified as 20-year-old Prem Priyadarshi, a resident of Paharpur police station area, and 18-year-old Sanjay Kumar Sahni, a resident of Toi village in Hajipur.

Rajgir was going with family

In relation to the incident, it is told that Sanjay Sahni was going to Rajgir with his family to see the Malmas fair on Saturday night. Due to overcrowding, the family was in one compartment of the train and he himself was traveling in another compartment. When the train reached Rajgir, all the family members got down at the station, but Sanjay was nowhere to be found.

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Dead body found 15 km away

The relatives were calling continuously, but he was not picking up the phone. When Sanjay was nowhere to be found, his friend reached about 15 kilometers away looking for him on the railway track, then he found Sanjay’s blood-stained body on the side of the railway track. At the same time, the dead body of another youth Prem Priyadarshi was also found at a short distance from the spot.

The death would have been due to slipping of the feet.

There is a possibility that he too must have been going to Rajgir to see the Malmas fair and both of them must have slipped because of the large crowd. Both must have fallen down from the train. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police reached the spot, took both the dead bodies in their possession and sent them for postmortem and started investigating the matter.


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