Bihar: Allegations of forgery in the name of Mithila Makhana, producers are not getting the benefit of GI tag, know the whole matter


Bihar News: A case of forgery has come to the fore in the name of Mithila Makhana. In its place, Makhana of Bengal is being packed. Big businessmen are taking advantage of the lack of registration of local makhana producers. Because of this, the capital and hard work of the local farmers is going waste. The goods of Bengal are coming out at a cheap rate. Local makhana producers are facing losses by selling makhana of Bengal in GI tagged pockets of Mithila makhana of Purnia district. Big businessmen of Makhana are taking advantage of lack of registration of local Makhana producers of Purnia.

Departmental level authorized user registration campaign continues

Apart from this, where their hard work and capital is going in vain. Whereas, local makhana is getting dumped. The need for high-level investigation and action is being understood in this matter. To avoid this, a campaign for authorized user registration is also being run at the departmental level. According to the information, with the initiative of Dr. DR Singh, Vice Chancellor of Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour and the technology of Purnia Agricultural College, Makhana is being produced on a large scale in the entire Seemanchal including Purnia. Under this effort, GI tag has been given to the Makhana produced in Purnia in the name of Mithila Makhana, which is being demanded from the metros of the country to foreign countries. Here, for the benefit of the makhana producers of Purnia, the Directorate of Horticulture has implemented this rule that it will be mandatory for them to register. He will be able to take advantage of this GI tag only after getting the registration done. But, due to lack of information, most of the Makhana producers have not registered themselves yet, due to which big businessmen are running their business from Bengal’s Makhana in their name.

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Horticulture Directorate officials received complaint

It is worth mentioning that in the areas of Harishchandrapur, Kumedpur, Dalkola etc. adjacent to Purnia and Kishanganj of Seemanchal, the production of Makhana has also started for the last one or two years. As soon as they come to know about this, the businessmen deal with the makhana producers of Bengal at a cheaper rate than that of Purnia and take advantage of the branding of Mithila makhana. Recently such complaint has reached the officials of Horticulture Directorate. In the light of this complaint, the initiative for investigation and action is also being taken, but the directorate has given more emphasis on the fact that all the Makhana farmers should get registered as soon as possible and become authorized users of Mithila Makhana. According to the information, it is being seen that after buying makhana from West Bengal, big traders are marketing and branding it in the name of Mithila Makhana GI 696, which is not in the interest of the makhana farmers of this region. The directorate has also received complaints about the quality of this forgery. By the way, Bihar government is also taking vigilance in this matter.

Makhana production in Bihar (in hectares)

Purnia – 140

Madhubani – 175

Saharsa – 140

Madhepura 140


Kishanganj – 90

Araria – 140

Sitamarhi – 10

Darbhanga – 145

Supaul – 100

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‘Farmers should compulsorily register Mithila Makhana’

Principal of Agriculture College, Dr. Parasnath says that Makhana farmers should compulsorily register Mithila Makhana. For this, forms are available in the College of Agriculture and in the Krishi Vigyan Kendra. In this, the concerned Makhana farmer has to be registered on the basis of the GPS location of the producing area. Due to this, only the slag of the registered farmer will go to the market in the name of Mithila Makhana and the farmers will also be benefited. Makhana producers of the concerned area should definitely get registered because there will be no possibility of fraud.

Farmers should get good income from farming and their produce should get good price in the market. For this, the Government of India is constantly working on new schemes. Meanwhile, the Government of India has given GI tag to Mithila Makhana, paving the way for doubling the income of the farmers of Bihar. This decision of the government will greatly benefit the people here. After leaving the state, this makhana will now reach abroad. It is said that farmers had tried for a long time to get GI tag for Makhana. After this the GI tag was received. At the same time, now only after getting the registration done, the producers will be able to get its benefit.



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