The general index of the Qatar Stock Exchange increased by 0.47%


The general index of the Qatar Stock Exchange ended its trading today, at a rise of 48.80 points, or by 0.47%, to reach the level of 10 thousand and 494.91 points.
During today’s session, 241 million and 508 thousand and 178 shares were traded, with a value of 435 million and 809 thousand and 630,567 riyals, as a result of the implementation of 13,876 transactions in all sectors.
Shares of 31 companies rose in the session, while the prices of 13 other companies decreased, while 3 companies maintained their previous closing prices.
The market capitalization at the end of the trading session amounted to 619 billion and 900 million and 357 thousand and 715,140 riyals, compared to 616 billion and 763 million and 687 thousand and 128,890 riyals, in the previous session.


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