i have no fight with pashupati paras my fight is with nitish kumar said chirag paswan asj | I have no fight with uncle, my fight is with Nitish Kumar, said Chirag Paswan


Went. Political equations are changing rapidly in Bihar. The changing equations have also brought the relationship between politics to a new turn. Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas) president Chirag Paswan is now a part of the BJP-led NDA, where his uncle Pashupati Paras is already an ally. Chirag Paswan and Pashupati Paras became part of the NDA, but the news of tension between the two is still coming to the fore. In such a situation, Chirag Paswan said that the noise Pashupati Kumar Paras is making is of no use to him. I have no fight with uncle, my fight is with Nitish Kumar. Neither I have ever commented on my uncle nor will I do so.

this is not my personal fight

LJPR president Chirag Paswan, who reached Patna on Sunday after attending the NDA meeting, told the media that I am repeatedly saying that we have gone too far. I have never made any comment about uncle Pashupati Paras in two to two and a half years and neither will I do today. Chirag Paswan said that I have no home, family, personal fight. I don’t care about all these things. Hajipur Lok Sabha seat is the reason for the tussle between Chirag Paswan and Pashupati Paras. Pashupati Paras has said that he will not leave this seat at any cost. After uncle Pashupati’s harsh attitude, now Chirag Paswan has replied on this. LJP (Ram Vilas) President Chirag Paswan said that talk of alliance, agreement on seats, these happen in the alliance, not outside the alliance. It is not wrong to keep your views outside the alliance.

every alliance has a limit

Chirag Paswan said that shouting in public will not solve his issues. He is elder to me and he may get angry, but I would like to advise him to discuss the issues in alliance to solve the problems. Just going to the media and shouting publicly will not help them. He said that every alliance has a limit. Until all the points are agreed upon within the alliance, it would not be wise to hold a public discussion. Creating controversy for the alliance is not a good thing. Whatever issues I raised were within the alliance and there is no point in discussing these things in a public forum. Asked about touching Paras’ feet during the NDA meeting in Delhi on July 18, Paswan said, “I have come a long way from these things in the last two and a half years.” I have not said anything against him in the past and will not say anything in future also. For me, Bihar First Bihari First is my final agenda.

Discussion should be held within the alliance

Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas Paswan) chief Chirag Paswan said on the statement of Pashupati Kumar Paras regarding contesting from Hajipur Lok Sabha seat that this topic should be discussed within the alliance. Coming in front of the media, if the constituents make such statements that we will fight (from Hajipur) no matter what happens. This is wrong statement. You sit and discuss within the alliance. This tarnishes the image of the alliance. Chirag Paswan said that when you are a part of an alliance, the dignity of the alliance says that all things are decided within the alliance and it is not right if all the constituents of the alliance create controversy.


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