Gumla: Woman made hostage for 41 years to do domestic work, not even paid wages


Gumla, Durjay Paswan: Being a hostage in a house, she did domestic work for 41 years. But, he did not get the wages. When he was 10 years old. Then he was taken to Delhi. At the age of 51, the woman was freed from that house. This story is of an Asura tribe woman. In this slope of age, now the woman is asking for money for her 40 years of hard work. But, he is not getting wages. Nor is the administration helping him. Tired of getting tired, the woman has expressed her anguish by meeting Jumman Khan, state secretary of the trade union CFTUI. The Labor Union has conveyed the problem of women to the Labor Department, Government of Jharkhand.

what is the whole matter

When Phulkeria Asur of Lupungpat village of Chainpur block was 10 years old. Then she was taken to Delhi to get her domestic work done. Phulkeria says, she was kept for domestic work at Sunita Kumari’s house in Delhi. Leaving studies and staying away from family, Phulkeria continued to work in Delhi. He was not allowed to leave the house. Here, when the age of the woman is 51 years. His body did not start working. He could not see properly even with his eyes, so in 2021 he was freed from the house.

Gumla was given only train fare to go home. The woman somehow reached her home. Fulkeria was happy to meet her family members after 41 years. After reaching home and village, the picture of the village had also changed. There were also many new faces in the family. His father Tarsius Kerketta is dead. Phulkeria is now happy after reaching her home. But, the sad thing is that the house in which he worked as a laborer for 41 years. He did not get a single paisa of wages.

For 41 years, I worked as a laborer living as a hostage in the same house. But, I was not given even a day’s wages. Now how will I be alive in this old age. He has demanded the administration to get the wages money.

Phulkeria Asur, victim woman

Phulkeria has given a written application to the trade union. A lot of injustice has been done to women. It hurts to hear about the death of a woman. I have taken the matter to the labor department and administration. Now we have to see when the woman gets justice.

– Jumman Khan, State Secretary, Labor Union

There is acute shortage of water in this village of Hazaribagh, people are falling ill after drinking contaminated water.

Gumla hospital did not get blood on time, husband died in front of wife

Here, in Gumla Sadar Hospital, the husband died in front of the wife due to not getting blood on time. However, after the death of the patient, the hospital management argues that there is no blood in our blood bank. The patient must have died due to some disease. Rajkumar Sahu (25), a resident of Chaha Chater in Gumla town, died on Saturday morning while undergoing treatment at Sadar Hospital. The relatives have accused Sadar Hospital of negligence. The family members have said that if blood was available in time and treatment was done, the prince’s life could have been saved.

Half an hour late in getting blood

Kiran Devi, the wife of the deceased told that Rajkumar Sahu was admitted to the Sadar Hospital on Friday night at 11 o’clock due to difficulty in breathing. Where he was admitted after examination by the doctor. Injections were given only at night. After that, information about anemia in his blood test was given by the nurses on Saturday morning. Rajkumar had 4.2 blood in his body. When the relatives went to the blood bank at 9.30 am with the blood parts, they found the blood bank closed. When it opened at ten o’clock, the relatives went again and demanded blood by giving blood sample there. But was called after half an hour by the personnel of the blood bank. Meanwhile my husband died.

what ds said

DS Dr. Anupam Kishore said that the information about blood shortage is wrong. The deceased had O positive blood. Blood is available in the blood bank. The deceased must have died due to some other reason. I investigate this matter. If the death of the deceased would have been due to the negligence of my personnel, then strict action will be taken against them.


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