Dhanbad: BCCL headquarters will be illuminated with solar energy, target of 285 MW power generation


Dhanbad, Manohar Kumar : BCCL headquarter and area office will be lit by solar energy. For this, BCCL management has planned to develop solar projects. This is part of the company’s strategy to expand and diversify its business and achieve the Net Zero Energy goal. Under this, the company has set a target of producing 285 MW power by the financial year 2025-26. After this, BCCL will not have to buy electricity.

BCCL management is serious about solar energy i.e. electricity generation from solar energy. BCCL has set a target of total 285 MW power generation through solar energy by the financial year 2025-26. After this BCCL will become a ‘Net Zero’ company. That means BCCL will not need to buy electricity. BCCL CMD Sameeran Dutta is serious in this direction. According to the guideline received from the Ministry of Coal and Coal India, he has instructed the concerned officials to work on time and fast. At present the company is producing about five MW of solar power. While the tender process for 25 MW has been completed. And the tender process is going on for 75 MW production.

Emphasis on power generation from rooftop and solar park

Along with the rooftop of BCCL headquarter, washery, magazine house and area office, there is a plan to build solar parks at such places which are unusable land. According to the information, the BCCL management is preparing to build a solar park at the Over Burden (OB) dump. For this, space is being marked on OB dumps of various areas of BCCL, so that solar park panels can be made. At present solar panels have been installed on the rooftop of BCCL headquarter, Koyla Bhavan, Washery Division and HRD etc.

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Saving of Rs 60.84 Lakhs from Solar Energy: At present, 350 KW solar power plant has been installed on the rooftop of BCCL headquarter Koyla Bhawan, 1200 MW rooftop solar power plant on various magazine houses and 19 buildings of different areas of the company. BCCL has spent a total of Rs 7.74 crore (1.63 crore, 1.26 crore and 4.85 crore respectively) on this. Whereas 827818.2 KW, 6630.6 KW and 771232.43 KW electricity have been produced respectively. That is, BCCL has ensured a saving of Rs 60.84 lakh by producing a total of 1605681.23 KW electricity from solar energy.

12.47 acres of land suitable for solar plant

A team from Coal India Renewable Energy Limited (CNUL) has visited various sites in BCCL to assess the feasibility of setting up solar plants. According to the detailed inspection report received from CNUL, only small portions of land in BCCL are suitable for solar plants. And a committee of BCCL has given its report. It has been told that only 12.47 acres of land available at various places of the company is suitable for the solar plant.


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