Work will be done in three phases for Purnia Airport, Steemit getting ready for electricity directly from the grid


Purnia. The long pending demand of the residents of Purnia for air flight from their city is going to be fulfilled very soon. The possibilities of construction of civil airport from Purnia are visible. It is understood that after the agreement between the airport authority and the state government, internal preparations have been started. Under this, on the instructions of the government, the power company has started its preparations at the proposed site of the airport. For this, a steam has been made regarding Railpol. The power company will work here in three different phases.

400 rail poles will be installed for 33 KV line

According to official sources, 400 rail poles will be installed for 33 KV line at Chunapur Air Force Station. For this, an estimate of Rs 7 crore 30 lakh has been given by the company. Even the line has to be connected directly to the grid and its steamt is being prepared separately whereas the steamt of civil is also being prepared separately. The entire scheme is of 14.5 km, on which work is to be started very soon. This preparation of the power company has started only after the agreement between the state government and the airport authority. It is understood that the government has started the airport initiative on the pretext of the electricity company. A senior official of the company has also indicated this.

Big update regarding Purnia airport, Jyotiraditya Scindia gave this information regarding DPR

Government’s green signal for the airport

It is worth mentioning that on the question of airport in Purnia, the intellectuals of Purnia have mobilized different organizations and continued the agitation for a long time. For this, Poojan Havan in temples, Ardaas in Gurudwara, prayer in church and prayer in mosques were also organized by Green Purnia. The result of this all-encompassing movement was that an agreement was reached with the Bihar government and the Airport Authority and the government also gave the green signal for the airport after accepting all the conditions. Recently, while replying to his letter to MP Chirag Paswan, Union Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia has agreed to provide 15 acres of additional land to the State Government giving connectivity to NH. Now the process of appointing consultant for design and DPR is being started to develop Purnia airport.

says superintending engineer

Superintending Engineer, Power Supply, Purnia Division said that the power company will do three-level work at Purnia Chunapur Air Force Station. The process of making Steemit is going on. Steam has been created in the Airforce station regarding the rail pole. More than 7 crores has been given by the company. Apart from this, the steamt of the line going from the grid will also be given. Along with this, the steemat of civil is also being prepared. Separate line will be given from civil and grid, its steamet is being prepared. This work will be completed up to 14.5 km.

Delay in construction of extended terminal of Darbhanga Airport, ILS also possible only next year

preparation of power company

Steemit of 400 rail poles has been made

33 KV line will go directly to the airport from the grid

07 crore 30 lakh rupees will be spent in this

The complete plan is made for 14.5 kilometer

data mirror

Purnia airport is the PM package of 2015

150 crores allocated by the central government

Purnia passing through the age limit of 253 years

For the first time in 1933 the airplane took off from Purnia

Air service started from Purnia in 1956 as well

Military airport was built in Chunapur, Purnia in 1965

52.18 acres of land acquired for Purnia Airport in the first phase

The government later gave consent for 15 acres of additional land.

The land of 75 ryots was acquired


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