Due to technology the distance between doctor and patient is increasing Dr. HP Narayan said on World Brain Day


Problems related to the brain can happen to people of any age, caste, gender and socio-economic status. Life has become very complicated in today’s run-of-the-mill life. Everyone is looking for peace, but is under constant stress because of work. Music can prove to be very helpful in relieving such people from the problems caused by daily tasks and changed lifestyle. these things world brain day The guest speakers at the program organized at the Central Institute of Psychiatry (CIP) in Ranchi on World Brain Day said something.

music relieves pain

The speakers said that both mental and physical pain music in the cure is effective. Stress is in everyone’s life today. Some are under less stress, while others are under more stress. But everyone is under stress. People are looking for the solution of mental problems in medicines, but if they take the help of music, then their treatment is possible without medicine. Doctors treating mental diseases should also focus on treating people with the help of music therapy.

doctors should opt for music and yoga

Eminent neurosurgeon and former head of the department Professor Hari Prasad Narayan, the chief guest of the program, said that different types of music should be used in the treatment of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders. He also advocated popularizing alternative medical practices such as music and yoga to treat diseases and ensure positive mental health and well-being of the people. Shri Narayan said that since we have forgotten our Indian knowledge and heritage, problems have increased.

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Now doctor does treatment on the basis of test

He said that technology is a good thing, but it has increased the distance between the doctor and the patient. Earlier the doctor used to watch his patient closely. Used to listen to his problems. After that he used to identify his disease and start treatment. But, in this era of cutting-edge technology, there has been a distance in the patient-doctor relationship. Now the doctor asks one or two things from the patient, then writes some tests. On the basis of that test report, he starts his treatment.

HP Narayan addressing the program.

Will not have to take help of technology if we go closer to nature: Dr. HP Narayan

Dr. Narayan said that if you take the help of nature, there will be a revolution in the psycho-social field. If you take the help of yoga and music, if you go towards nature, then you will neither have to take the help of technology nor any kind of chemical. He said that 170 countries of the world have adopted yoga and meditation. The connection between music and the brain is amazing. He said that music is the mediator, who reconciles man with spirituality.

Why do people hide mental illness? Delay in treatment causes many losses, said Dr. Basudev Das, director of CIP

Prof. Basudev Das told- how people get stressed

The guest of honor of the program, Dr. Anil Kumar, experienced consultant psychiatrist from Ranchi threw light on the effect of art and music in neuropsychiatric conditions. Professor (Dr) Basudev Das, Director, CIP Ranchi highlighted the reason and importance of celebrating World Brain Day. He explained how people and society become prone to stress. He also mentioned the therapeutic importance of music in psychological and behavioral problems.

Prof Deepak Ghosh.

Speakers told about the research in the scientific session

In the scientific session, two academicians from Jadavpur University and BIT Mesra highlighted the role of music in improving mental health. He explained the research status of music therapy in the treatment of psychological ailments. He told how music can be used as a medium in the treatment of mentally disturbed or sick people. Prof. Ghosh told that a lot of research has been done on raga-based medical method, but what poet Guru Rabindranath Tagore had said in this regard in 1881, people’s attention was drawn to it much later.

Dance and music have an effect on the mind.

In 1881, Rabindranath talked about research on music and medicine.

Prof. Ghosh said that Rabindranath Tagore had said in 1881 that scientists should do research on the subject that different ragas or music have different effects on different people. Prof. Ghosh said in his recorded address that for the first time in 1914, three decades after Rabindranath’s statement, the American Medical Association accepted the benefits of music. Later a research by Dr. Ivan O’Neil Kane was published in the Journal of American Medical Association. After this, in the year 1918, music therapy studies started at Columbia University. This course was named ‘music therapy’.

Many ongoing researches on music.

Prof. Saubhik Chakraborty spoke on the therapeutic benefits of classical music and ragas

In the second lecture, Prof. Saubhik Chakraborty, Senior Professor, Department of Mathematics, BIT Mesra (Ranchi) gave information about the research done about the therapeutic benefits of Indian classical music and ragas on mental health. He told that different ragas should be heard at different times. One raga can be beneficial for you and the same raga can be harmful for you. That’s why listen to the same music, which relaxes your mind, not excites your mind. He also answered the questions of psychiatrists present in RB Davis Hall of CIP.

These institutions jointly organized the program

Somerita Malik and a team of musicians and singers from Krishnapur Nazrul Charcha Kendra Kolkata conducted the music session. Dr. Dipanjan Bhattacharya, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry Social Work proposed the vote of thanks. Miss Pooja Audhya and Sister Shreeja played an important role in organizing the programme. Central Institute of Psychiatry organized this program on World Brain Day in association with Indian Psychiatric Society Jharkhand State Branch, Central Institute of Psychiatry Alumni Association and Kolkata based cultural organization Krishnapur Nazrul Charcha Kendra.


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