Dirty-smelling water coming out of the taps in Bareilly, the Municipal Corporation is not paying attention, the pain of the people on social media


Bareilly : The quality of water in Bareilly of Uttar Pradesh is continuously deteriorating. In most of the localities and colonies of the city, it has become difficult to use the Municipal Corporation water for drinking and even for washing clothes. The water in Bareilly Municipal Corporation is getting so bad that people are getting worried. People have to get water from outside for bathing.

To get rid of this problem, people made many efforts. Complained to the Municipal Corporation. However, his problem was not resolved. The water problem remains the same, but now the people of Bareilly have expressed their pain on social media. The photo of dirty and smelly water has been posted on social media. There is a long line of people writing below it.

angry people on social media

Photos of dirty water on social media

Irfan Haider of the city has put a photo on his Facebook of filling a glass of water supplied by the Municipal Corporation. They say that dirty water has been coming in the smart city for months. Complained, but there was no hearing. Please note, Mr. Mayor, after this post, people have started raising questions regarding the functioning of the Municipal Corporation. Iqbal Raza Khan writes, in the localities where dirty water is coming, the municipal corporation will not take tax and water tax. Along with this, many other people have also expressed pain.

increased risk of infectious diseases

Dirty and smelly water is being supplied in the city for the last several weeks. By using it in vegetables etc., people have started falling prey to infectious diseases. Along with this, the water smells a lot.

water smelled like sewer

The water is very dirty in Madinath, Fort, Malukpur, Jagatpur of Bareilly city. This water smells like sewer. Irfan Haider says that he is very upset with the dirty water coming in the tanks. The people of the locality are so upset that they have complained about this several times, but nothing is happening. The local people here say that the water stinks so much that it is difficult to use it. The water smells like we are sitting near a sewer line. Because of this health is being affected. People have started facing health related problems due to water.

contaminated water supply for months

Contaminated water is being supplied in many areas of the city for the last few weeks. People are troubled by this. People told that the water flowing in the drains is cleaner than the water coming from the taps in their homes. The water is so dirty and smelly that even animals do not drink it. The local people are worried seeing the black water coming in the taps. By the way, this situation is not only of this, such pictures keep coming out from different areas, which tell the reality of Bareilly Municipal Corporation.

bathroom turned black

Rehan of Malukpur and Sanjeev of Kalibari told that so much dirty water comes that the whole bathroom turns black. How do we use this water, buckets and utensils are getting spoiled by the water. They say that this is not a matter of sometimes, it happens often. Don’t know what to do for this, how can we get rid of this problem.

low pressure water

Water is being supplied with low pressure in many areas of the city. Due to this, people are not getting enough water for daily expenses. The officers of the Municipal Corporation’s Jalkal department don’t even pick up the phone. However, those who complain are asked to repair the pipelines. This will solve the problem of water with less pressure in the colonies.

Thousands of liters of water is wasted in leakage

There are leakages in the water pipeline at many places in the city. Due to this, lakhs of liters of water is flowing in the roads daily. In other areas including Jagatpur, Purana Shahar and Madinath, there is leakage in the pipeline for months, but the officials are not getting them repaired. Due to leaking pipeline, dirty water of drains is getting in the localities.

Report- Muhammad Sajid, Bareilly

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t76sK9xNFAY)


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