The International Monetary Fund reveals that Pakistan’s foreign debt has risen to $100 billion


Today, the International Monetary Fund revealed that Pakistan’s foreign debt has risen to $100 billion, warning of the dangers of the country resorting to restructuring its debts if it does not meet the goals of the bailout program.
In its latest report, the IMF stated that risks to Pakistan’s debt sustainability are becoming more apparent due to the lack of global financing and large financing needs.
Pakistan had agreed to obtain a loan of three billion dollars with several parties last week, after months of delay, which will help it avoid default on its sovereign debt.
And senior financial officials in Pakistan spoke, during the recent period, about the restructuring of bilateral debts last year without disclosing details.
It is worth noting that Pakistan’s external debt increased from $85 billion at the beginning of the previous bailout program in 2019, due to low revenues and the high cost of debt repayment, and reached nearly one hundred billion this year.


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