Demonstration of people troubled by new traffic rules and e-challan in Patna, cremation of bike


People are being issued e-challans many times in a single day for violating traffic rules in the capital Patna. These traffic rules and challans have now become a cause of trouble for bike-car drivers. In protest against these rules, a unique demonstration was organized by some youths at the city’s Bamboo Ghat. The protesters cremated their bike here. During this, the people demonstrating said that people are being challaned many times in a single day for the same rule violation, this is wrong. People are facing a lot of trouble due to this.

The protesting people said, will jump into the Ganges with the bike

The protesting people said that the people of the city are troubled by this new traffic rule and e-challan. During this, social worker Krishna Kumar Kallu, who cremated his bike, said that such traffic rules are wrong and if the government does not withdraw this rule, he will commit suicide by jumping into the river Ganges with his bike.

slogans against the government

Social activist Krishna Kumar Kallu said that traffic rules should be followed, it is also right to issue challan for breaking the rules. But challaning four times in a day for the same rule violation is wrong. After performing the last rites of the bike, the protesters raised slogans against the government and also chanted Bihar’s government system Swaha etc. The protesters said that until such traffic rules are withdrawn, the demonstration will be held.

why are you protesting

Let us tell you that cameras have been installed at many places in the city for traffic activities and those who violate traffic rules. Due to the presence of these cameras installed in the city, the number of times people pass through, their e-challan can be deducted. On the other hand, there is no provision in the Motor Vehicle Act to exempt the e-challan from being deducted once again. Under the new rule, if a person breaks the traffic rules and passes through the road without a helmet and comes in the sight of the camera, then his challan of Rs 1000 will be deducted. On the other hand, if after a few minutes or hours, he is again seen violating the same rule in another camera, then he will be challaned again. This will happen as many times as you will come under camera. Protest has started in Patna regarding this.

Case will be registered against those who do dangerous driving

At the same time, under the new rules, now with the help of electronic evidence, cases will be registered against those who do dangerous driving. According to the information, the Integrated Command Center built in the city has been connected with 402 km long OFC network and a large number of ANPR, Bullet and PTZ cameras. Through all these cameras, the picture of the violators is automatically saved in the system, which is verified at two levels before sending the challan. With the help of e-evidence, cases will now be registered against those who do dangerous driving.

Deposit the fine in 90 days, otherwise you will be trapped

After deducting the e-challan, there is a time limit of 90 days to deposit the fine. Meanwhile notice is issued twice. If they do not, then their list will go to the Registration Authority ie DTO. After this, there may be problems in transfer, sale, permit etc. of the concerned vehicle.

Those who cut waves in Bihar are no longer fine, they will be fined… DL will also be canceled and can go to jail

Invoices are being cut for violation of these five rules

without helmet

red light crossing

speed limit violation

wrong way

triple riding

Invoice being deducted from these cameras

Adaptive Traffic Control System: 30 Seats

Red Light Violation Camera Detection Camera : 30 Location

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera: 29 Positions

Speed ​​Limit Violation Detection Camera : 12 Location

Public Address System: 50 places

what did the transport minister say

However, on this issue, Transport Minister Sheila Mandal said on Thursday that the department will definitely review it. During this, while answering the question of journalists, he also said that this system has been started to curb road accidents. Traffic rules are being strictly followed.


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