Road Safety Tips: Teach traffic rules to children since childhood, the government has already made this law two years ago


Ranchi : Parents’ concerns increase when children go to school, study tuition, visit friends or go to the market. Behind their increasing concern are the vehicles running at high speed on the roads. The speed with which road accidents are increasing in India today, it is bound to increase the concern of the parents. The biggest thing is that among those who drive on the roads, adult drivers still drive on the basis of traffic rules to a great extent, but many teenagers and youths drive vehicles in a haphazard manner, due to which the possibility of road accidents continues to haunt. In such a way, like a conscious citizen, if we start informing our children about traffic rules since childhood, then road accidents in India can be reduced to a great extent. Although the central government has also amended the Motor Vehicle Act to allow children below the age of four years to ride on the back of two-wheelers, including motorcycles, but the responsibility of educating children about traffic rules rests with parents, teachers and teachers. is the same.

Rules for seating small children behind two wheelers

According to a report in the English newspapers The Times of India and Indian Express, two years ago in October 2021, the central government notified the draft to carry small children below the age of four years on motorcycles, scooties and other two-wheelers. Was. Later, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways vide notification dated 15th February, 2022 has amended Rule 138 of the CMVR, 1989 and has made it mandatory for children below the age of four years, to sit on a motor cycle or to be accompanied by someone on a motor cycle. Rules have been laid down for the security measures in respect of carrying by. It has been notified under section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act. The reason behind this being notified by the government is to make the traffic of children safe and to make two-wheeler drivers aware of the traffic rules.

This is how children should be informed about traffic rules

Let us tell you that the worries of parents increase when children go to school, study tuition, go to friends or go to the market. When children go out of the house, it is very important to learn to cross the road safely. It is not necessary to have a good road while walking, but children should know how to cross the road well. They should be aware of which side of the road they should walk on while walking. What are the markings made on the road to cross the road called? What is the mark on the red light called? So you need to teach your kids how to be safe while walking and how to be a safe passenger while traveling in a car or bus? Merely instructing children is not enough, because children learn from what they see their parents doing. The first thing that you need to do is to model safe behavior. Come, let us know how children can be informed about traffic rules.

Walk safely and cross the road like this

According to, make sure your little one holds your hand or clings to you when you are walking or crossing the road. Always cross the roads using zebra crossing lines and always check whether the traffic lights allow you to cross the road or not. If the traffic light is red, it means you don’t have to cross the road. On the other hand, if the traffic light is green, then you have to cross the road, whereas if the light is yellow, it means that you cross the road by looking in all four directions whether the vehicle is coming from any direction at the intersection? If you follow these rules consistently, your child will also see it and follow it when he is left alone at home. You can also keep explaining to your child what you did while crossing the road and what precautions you took.

bike safety

Teach your kids safe bike riding habits and always take the following precautions…

Always allow your child to ride a bike, scooty, cycle or other two-wheeler when you or an adult in your family is around.

Make sure that the brakes of the bike or other two-wheeler are working properly.

You also need to keep in mind that when your child is going to ride a bike, cycle or two-wheeler, he is wearing a helmet or not.

If your child is going to ride a motorcycle, bicycle or other two-wheeler in low-visibility areas or at night, you should check your vehicle’s headlights and sidelights first.

Don’t forget that your kids will do this only when you are seen following the safety and traffic rules.

Road Safety Tips Explainer: Before driving on the road, know the rules of safety, otherwise life will be in trouble

how to travel in bus with kids

For this, first of all, go with your child to the bus stop and wait till it arrives. Do not indicate the bus to stop by giving hand anywhere on the road.

Teach children to get on or off the bus only when the bus comes to a complete stop.

If your child needs to cross the road after getting off the school bus, teach him to stay 5-6 steps away from the bus and make sure the bus driver sees him crossing the road.

Teach your child to remain seated inside the bus and follow the instructions of the bus driver.


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