Jharkhand Weather Forecast: Chance of rain with thunder in some parts of Ranchi district, possibility of thunderclap


Effect of low pressure in Bay of Bengal in Jharkhand

Due to the low pressure created in the Bay of Bengal and the cyclonic storm in Odisha, it rained heavily in Dhanbad on Sunday. There is a possibility of good rain for the next two-three days. This can give benefits in agricultural work. According to meteorologist Abhishek Anand, Odisha has become the main center of the low pressure created in the Bay of Bengal. Heavy rain is expected in the adjoining region of Odisha. While there is a possibility of good rain in some parts of Jharkhand including Dhanbad adjacent to Bengal.

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Chance of rain with thunder in some parts of Ranchi district, possibility of thunderclap

Ranchi: There are chances of rain in some parts of Ranchi district of Jharkhand. The Meteorological Center has told in its forecast that there will be rain with thunder and during this there is a possibility of thunderclap. Yellow alert has been issued.

Heavy rain in Ranchi

The mood of the weather changed in Ranchi on Monday. With this, it started raining heavily.

Chance of good rain in Jharkhand today

Ranchi: According to meteorologist Abhishek Anand, Odisha is the main center of low pressure in the Bay of Bengal. Due to this, heavy rains are expected in the region adjacent to Odisha, while there is a possibility of good rain in some parts of Jharkhand including Dhanbad, adjacent to Bengal.

It will rain in some parts of the state today

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Center, there will be light to moderate rain in some parts of the state today. During this the clouds will also thunder. However, the department has not given any kind of warning.

The drain swelled due to rain, dirty water entered the houses

In just a few hours of rain, rain water has already started gushing in the 8 feet wide drain located near Chaibasa, Barajamda’s market locality and Adarsh ​​Vidyalaya. Water hyacinth filled in the drain and the wastes flowing into the drain from other areas almost completely blocked the drainage way of the drain. Because of which the dirty and smelly water of the drain has spread around the houses and courtyards of dozens of people. The stench has made it difficult for people to eat and drink, even to leave their homes. On the other hand, hundreds of families of two localities have already started fearing that their house and courtyard will be flooded after seeing the flood-like situation flowing up to the top of the drain after only a few hours of rain. At the same time, in view of the problem of settlement, some people have collectively started the work of removing water hyacinths. Social workers Prem Gupta, Rimu Bahadur, Dinesh Saw, Govardhan Chaurasia and Prakash Gupta were involved in this campaign.

Advice given to farmers for protection of fruits and vegetables in rain

Petarwar (Bokaro). Dr. Roopa Rani, Meteorologist of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, has advised the farmers to follow several advices to avoid damage to fruits and vegetables due to rain. Dr. Rani said that due to water-logging in the nurseries of fruits and vegetables due to rain, rotting of vegetables, falling of fruits, stains on fruits, make proper arrangement for drainage, harvest mature vegetables and keep them in safe places. To reduce the spread of the disease in the standing crop, remove fallen fruit, wait for clear weather for any spraying. He said that due to water-logging in the paddy crop, rotting of paddy straw, maintain proper drainage facility in the field and keep vigilance to protect it from diseases. Said that in order to prevent rotting of seeds due to water accumulation of pulses and oilseed crops, make arrangements for drainage in the fields. Said that vaccination of small and big cattle and chickens must be done for animal husbandry and proper window arrangements should be made for the arrival of air in animal husbandry. Do not leave cattle in the open and take them outside only after observing the weather conditions.

Farmers face blossomed due to rain in Ramgarh

Here in the Kuju area of ​​Ramgarh, people felt relief from the heat due to the first monsoon rains. Till now many farmers could not even put paddy straws in their fields due to less rains. Paddy straws were turning yellow and drying up. Cracks were also appearing in the fields. Farmers were irrigating by filling water from the well to maintain moisture in the fields adjacent to the fields. The farmers looked happy because of the rain on Saturday evening. Orla’s farmer Satyendra Mahato told that this rain will bring life to the paddy sprouts. Premchand Mahato, a farmer from Murpa, told that now the fields can be plowed due to moisture in the soil.

Highest rainfall in Jagannathpur Chaibasa, heavy rainfall expected in these parts in next two days

Jagannathpur (Chaibasa) received maximum rainfall in the last 24 hours. There was more than 90 mm of rain. Whereas Gumla received 89 mm and Bano received more than 70 mm of rain. There was heavy rain in some areas of the capital as well. Abhishek Anand, scientist in charge of the meteorological center, has said that there is cyclonic circulation in the Bay of Bengal. Due to this, it is raining well in monsoon. The southern parts of the state have received good rains. It can go further. In the next one or two days, there may be heavy to very heavy rains in Simdega and Gumla. Some areas of Jamshedpur, Khunti, Ranchi may also receive good rains.

Monsoon picks up pace again in Jharkhand, good rains in many districts

Monsoon is active in almost all the areas of Jharkhand. Because of this, it is raining almost in the entire state. This situation will continue even further. A low pressure area is forming in the Bay of Bengal around 18 July. Its effect will remain in the next one or two days. Farmers can get relief from this. Agricultural scientists have advised to plant those whose seedlings are ready. Agricultural scientists say that in the field where paddy is to be cultivated, keep the accumulation of water there.


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