jharkhand revolutionary sita rani jain makes ganpati with rags clothes mtj


Jharkhand activist Sita Rani Jain, 84, who lives in Lower Barddhaman Compound, Ranchi, makes an idol of Ganesha from rags of new clothes. She says that this gives her spiritual peace. She spends 8-10 hours a day making idols out of clothes. It takes them eight to 10 days to make one idol of Ganesha. Sita ji not only makes the idol of Ganesha, she also decorates it with ornaments with her skill. She does not sell these idols in the market. Only presents to people as gifts and blessings. So far 1,500 people have been gifted clothes and idols. The idol of Ganesha made by Sita Rani Jain has reached the country and abroad. Sita Rani, who agitated for a separate Jharkhand state, has been very courageous from the beginning. Years ago, he had a hotel under the Bank of India at Firayalal Chowk. He is also expert in making pickles and papad etc. It is said that making a cloth Ganesha gives inner peace. It seems that Ganapati himself is sitting in my cloth Ganesha.


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