‘Gadar 2’ to release on August 11 and like the first part, the audience is equally excited for it: Ameesha Patel


The sequel to the superhit film ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha’ two decades ago is being discussed a lot at the moment. In the film, the audience will once again see the pairing of Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel on the big screen. At present, the entire team of the film is busy in the promotions. Recently, actress Ameesha Patel has made many revelations regarding the first episode of ‘Gadar’ in an interview to the media.

Both the parts of ‘Gadar’ have been directed by Anil Sharma. Talking about him, actress Ameesha Patel said, “Director Anil Sharma doesn’t care about time while working on the sets, he shoots continuously. We have often worked continuously for 30 to 32 hours on the sets of ‘Gadar’.”

Anil Sharma’s son Utkarsh Sharma played the role of Sakina and Tara Singh’s son Charanjeet in the film Gadar. Utkarsh will also work in the second part. Talking about it, Ameesha said, “I had suggested Utkarsh’s name for the role of Jeete. We were auditioning a lot of kids then. At that time I told Anil ji, your son is so cute, why don’t you choose him? After that I discussed with the producers and Utkarsh was selected.

Ameesha said, “When Anilji used to shoot for 30 to 32 hours continuously, Utkarsh used to be present on the sets from a very young age. Seeing this, I once made fun of Anil ji and said that when your son is on the set, if it was someone else’s son, he would have run away after seeing so much work…” Meanwhile, the film ‘Gadar-2’ 11 August Will release and like the first part, the audience is equally excited for this one.


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