Surat: Police found a 2-year-old girl missing from home and reunited her with her family within a few hours.


There are frequent complaints of missing children. At that time, a two-year-old girl playing at home in Surat’s Pandesara area went to another society while playing. However, when the family did not find the girl in search, they immediately informed the police. The police found the girl within a few hours and reunited her with the family.

The two-year-old girl accidentally went to another society while playing in the backyard of the house. Meanwhile, the family was worried when the girl did not return home. After all, on informing the police, the police immediately formed a team and searched for the girl. In which the girl met the next society.

Along with the police, the relatives also started searching for the girl. Pandesara police immediately formed a team and started checking the CCTV footage installed around the house. Due to the quick action of the police, the girl was found within a few hours. Emotional scenes ensued when the girl was reunited with her family. These days the family heaved a sigh of relief when the child was found safe amidst increasing incidents of child abuse.


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