Bareilly College spread the light of education in Ruhelkhand, students killed English principal for freedom


Bareilly: The foundation of Bareilly College, Bareilly, located in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, was laid by the British. It was established by the British Governor MC Latus. It was established on this day i.e. July 17, 1837. Bareilly College spread the light of education in Rohilkhand . However, many times had to go through a period of crisis. The college touched heights with the help of kings and princely states. In this, princely states and nobles from all over the country gave financial assistance of Rs 80,000. Lord Ripon and AO Hume were also involved in these, then Bareilly College was started once again in the year 1884. Initially the affiliation of the college was from Calcutta University. From the year 1884, it was affiliated to the University of Allahabad. In the year 1927, it was affiliated to Agra University and finally to Rohilkhand University. Bareilly College is handling the historical heritage.

Qutubshah Nawab Khan, who taught Persian, got death sentence

Bareilly College also has a main role in the country’s war-e-independence. The teachers and students here fought in the battle of the country. Many stories till independence are buried in the history of Bareilly College. This college contributed in every movement from the revolution of 1857 till the freedom of the country. The college was established in 1837 during the British rule. Mr. Rogers was the first headmaster here. However, during the August Revolution in 1857, from teacher to student joined here. In the war of independence, the revolutionaries under the leadership of Ruhela Sardar Khan Bahadur Khan were taking on the British. Bareilly College teacher Maulvi Mahmood Ahsan, Persian teacher Qutubshah and all the nationalist students participated in the revolution of 1857. The college principal Dr.Carlos Bak was also put to death by the revolutionaries.Qutubshah Nawab Khan Bahadur, the teacher who taught Persian in the college All the orders and decrees of Khan were published in the press and distributed among the people. The British caught him and prosecuted him and sentenced him to death. Later this sentence turned into black water. He died in Andaman Jail.

The priests of the temples will now be in contact with the electricity officials, if there is a threat to the security of the Kanwaris

The mission of Jung-e-Azadi used to run from Azad hostel

The mission of Jang-e-Azadi used to run from Azad Hostel of Bareilly College. Its foundation was laid in 1906. There are 72 rooms in this hostel. In which 68 rooms were made for children. This hostel played an important role in the national movements from 1929 to 1943, but at present this hostel has become dilapidated. All the students of Bareilly College also participated in Mahatma Gandhi’s British Quit India Movement, while the students of Bareilly College also passed a resolution to give all the money to the Students Union Fund for the Azad Hind Fauj of Subhash Chandra Bose. Kripanandan, a student here, hoisted the tricolor in the college. Shaheed Azam Bhagat Singh’s uncle Ajit Singh studied law here for one year and took part in the revolution.

Nawab Rampur gave land, first year 57 students

According to government records, Bareilly College was established in the year 1837 as a government school near Naumahala Masjid. In the first year, 57 students took admission. Rogers was its first headmaster. However, the fire of the revolution of 1857 reached Bareilly College. After this, the Nawab of Rampur donated the land in the year 1904-05. This land was under the Curzon Education Act. The management system of Bareilly College was given on the request of the government. The revolutionaries of Jang-e-Azadi killed Dr.Carlos Buck, the English principal of Bareilly College. This led to the closure of the college. The college was re-established in the year 1859. The college was closed in the year 1877 due to economic crisis. After this, with the efforts of Vice Principal Pandit Chhedalal, the Central Committee was formed under the chairmanship of Raja Jagat Singh of Jaipur to re-operate the college. After that it never stopped again.

Oldest college in Rohilkhand, student Gopal Swaroop became Vice President

Bareilly College is the oldest college in Ruhelkhand. Students here, Kripanandan had hoisted the tricolor of the country even before 1947. Azad hostel of the college was the home of the revolutionaries in the freedom struggle. The country’s fourth Vice President Gopal Swaroop Pathak was a student of Bareilly College. Along with this, Prof. All the litterateurs of the country including Wasim Barelvi have served Bareilly as teachers. Bareilly College achieved A grade in NAAC assessment in the year 2012.



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