Gujarat: 40 percent increase in cases of eye disease in the state, advisory issued by the state government


With the onset of monsoon, cases of conjunctivitis have also increased, apart from mosquito-borne diseases. More than 15 patients with eye problems visit the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad every day. Conjunctivitis is commonly called conjunctivitis. The eyes become red due to inflammation in the membranes of the eyes. Conjunctivitis causes constant itching and watery eyes. The number of patients with conjunctivitis has increased by 40 percent in the last few days in Sola Civil, Ahmedabad. At present, every day more than 15 patients are coming to Sola Civil for the treatment of this problem. Earlier, only 1-2 cases of conjunctivitis were reported in the eye ward of Civil Hospital. Now 10 to 12 cases are coming every day.

Eye drop sales increased 10 times in Surat

Conjunctivitis disease is becoming serious in Surat and Bhavnagar. There is a long queue of more than 300 patients daily in the civil hospital. The sale of eye drops has increased 10 times in Surat. In which medicine worth 4 crores has been sold due to eye contact. It is estimated that 25 crore medicines will be sold in the season. Every day 5 to 7 thousand eye drops are being sold in the city. The virus is spreading very fast in Bhavnagar city and district. People also know it by the name of eye disease. Infectious eye disease has also taken hold in Bhavnagar city and district. In Rajkot too, eye cases are increasing by 20 per cent for the last three days.

Careful cleaning is very important

The state government has issued an advisory on increasing the rate of conjunctivitis. In which the government has said that there is no need to be afraid of conjunctivitis, but it is very important to treat the eyes in time and keep the eyes clean with caution to prevent it from spreading further. The State Health Department has established proper facilities for the treatment of viral conjunctivitis in Primary Health Centers, Community Health Centers, Sub-District Hospitals, District Level Hospitals and Medical College Hospitals.

keep your hands and mouth clean

Personal hygiene is most important in preventing viral conjunctivitis. In which to keep your hands and mouth clean, wash your hands and mouth with soap from time to time. Special attention should be paid to cleanliness especially in crowded places like hotels, hostels, gatherings, theatres, ST stands, railway stations, malls etc. and if possible avoid visiting such places. If there is redness, pain or swelling in the eyes, visit the nearest ophthalmologist for treatment. Do not take eye drops from the medical store without doctor’s advice. It is necessary to wash hands with soap before and after applying the drops as prescribed by the doctor.

Continue treatment under the guidance of a doctor

Also, if any family member is affected by conjunctivitis, he/she should keep his/her handkerchief, bath towel and all personal items separate and try to avoid contact with others. Since the effects of viral conjunctivitis are short-lived, affected patients need not panic, but continue the treatment under the doctor’s guidance and visit the hospital from time to time as directed by the doctor. The affected patient should protect the eyes with glasses, if possible.


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