Criminals again tried to rob ATM in Patna, absconding after seeing police patrol car


There is no visible rein in the incident of ATM robbery in Patna. Everyday in one or the other area of ​​the city, attempts are being made to loot money from ATMs. Many times the criminals are being successful in this, and many times the criminals are being arrested due to the vigilance of the police. Now the new case is of Kankarbagh police station area. Where once again the criminals have tried to rob the ATM. This time the criminals had come to rob two SBI ATMs at one go. The criminals had almost opened the upper part of the ATM, but in the meantime the patrol vehicle of Kankarbagh police station reached the spot. Seeing the police near the ATM, the criminals fled from there. Seeing everyone running away, when the police went towards the ATM, they found that the upper part of the two SBI ATMs was open. The incident is of SBI ATM located at Sai Hospital of Kankarbagh police station area. In this case, the police is investigating the CCTV. SHO Ravi Shankar Singh told that till now no application related to this incident has been received. Due to the vigilance of the police, a major incident was avoided.

The incident has happened before in Kankarbagh

It may be known that even before this there has been an incident of ATM robbery in Kankarbagh police station area. The criminals uprooted the ATM itself. Although the police have arrested all the criminals in all these cases and sent them to jail. In the case of an attempt to rob the ATM again late on Saturday, the police do not know how much money was in the ATM. According to sources, there was Rs 10 to 15 lakh cash in both the ATMs.

Criminals were in number of three to four, wearing masks on their faces

According to police sources, the number of criminals who came to rob the ATM were three to four. Everyone’s age will be around 20 to 25. Due to the darkness of the night, the police could not see anyone’s face. The source said that all the criminals who entered the ATM were wearing face masks. Apart from this, he also had tools.

Bahubali leader Anant Singh’s ward remained open overnight in Patna’s Beur Jail, supporters thrashed jail personnel

Disclosure of gang cheating by changing ATM card in Naubatpur

Here, in the past, the police of Naubatpur police station of the city had exposed the gang who cheated by changing ATM cards. Also four members of the gang were arrested. 42 ATM cards of different banks, a posh machine, four mobile phones and a car have been recovered from the gang. The leader of the gang is absconding. All the accused used to carry out such incidents to fulfill their hobby after completing ITI. In the interrogation of the police, everyone told that they used to visit ATMs in Bihar and Jharkhand and used to withdraw money by changing their ATMs by cheating innocent people. The fraudsters accepted that this is their ancestral business. only the elders of the house teach

Gang of girls withdrawing money by getting plate stuck in ATM dispenser

At the same time, in various police station areas including Kankarbagh, Patrakar Nagar, Kadamkuan police station of the city, a gang withdrawing money from people by trapping plates in ATMs is active. Two girls of this gang were arrested red-handed by the police of Kankarbagh police station in the past. These include 19-year-old Kajal and 20-year-old Sweety. Both are residents of Gandhi Maidan police station near Uma Cinema. Scissors and plates have been found from both of them, by trapping which they used to withdraw money from ATMs. When the police checked the mobiles of both the girls, they found that Sweety has one and a half lakh followers on Instagram and Sweety came in contact with Kajal in the desire of money. Many suspicious numbers have been found in the mobiles of both. All of them are being investigated. Preparations are on to scrutinize the accounts of both.

As soon as the information about his arrest was received, his followers reached the police station.

According to information, when the information about Sweety’s arrest reached her followers, many people reached the police station. Not only this, the followers also reached the court. Sweety and Kajal both organize and organize events. There are many girls in contact with both. The police is on the trail of all of them. Sweety makes reels on Bhajpuri songs. She is a lover of bullets. According to the information received, both the girls were also ready to pay a hefty amount to leave the police.



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