Condolence to two dozen teachers involved in Patna protests, fearing suspension, teachers removed photo of protest


On July 11, teachers of Bihar protested in Patna regarding teacher appointment rules and other demands. After which, now two dozen teachers of Gaya district, who disappeared from school and participated in this demonstration, have been mourned. District Education Officer Rajdev Ram has demanded an explanation from him with evidence in 24 hours. It is being told by the department that all the teachers will participate in the protest demonstration in Patna on 11th July.

Teachers removed photos of protest from social media

In order to identify the teachers participating in the protest, the video and photos of the teachers from social platforms and other places are being scrutinized by the department, from where action is being taken after identifying the teachers and collecting evidence. On receiving information about suspension action in many districts in the state, teachers have removed photos and videos from their social platforms. In this regard, the DEO told that clarification has been sent to some teachers. Also being analyzed. Action will be taken on the basis of whose report is ready.

Show cause to these teachers

Manoj Kumar High School Maqsoodpur Khijarsarai, Alok Kumar Kisan High School Bagdaha Bodh Gaya, Anuj Kumar Upgraded High School Vitho Nagar Block, Ramesh Kumar Primary School Madarpur Manpur, Abhishek Kumar Project Girls High School Bodh Gaya, Sachin Kumar Magadh High School Sanout Manpur, Sushil Kumar Kisan High School Bagdaha Bodh Gaya, Abhinandan Paswan Tikari Raj High School Tikari, Kundan Kumar Primary School Khijarsarai, Ranjit Kumar Singh Girls High School Tikari, Abodh Kumar Project Girls High School Fatehpur, Prabhat Kesari Ashok High School Paraiya, Sanjit Kumar Ramshay High School Fatehpur, Manikant Sirmaur Samta High School Kranti Nagar Guraru, Manoj Kumar High School Sohaipur Manpur, Kunal Kishore Tikari Raj Inter School, Ajay Kumar Middle School Sikhar Manpur, Munna Kumar Primary School Vinoba Nagar Tankuppa and other teachers are included.

Education Department had issued the order

A letter was issued by the Education Department of Bihar saying that on July 11, the presence of all the teachers in all the schools of the state would be mandatory. Along with this, on July 13, officials of other departments including the education department were ordered to check the presence of teachers in all schools and to suspend those teachers who are absent. Along with this, there was an order to register an FIR against the instigating teachers.

Road jam for the demand of implementing domicile policy in teacher restoration

Here, on Sunday, on the instructions of Jan Adhikar Party’s national president Pappu Yadav, chanting activists blocked the Gaya-Dobhi road near the main gate of Magadh University. In order to demand the implementation of the domicile policy in teacher reinstatement, the chanting workers blocked the road and shouted slogans while protesting. Due to the blockade of the road, there was a queue of vehicles. Later, on the initiative of the police of the local police station, the workers removed the road block and the movement of vehicles could start.

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Suspension of teachers is wrong, government should stop it immediately: Male

At the same time, the CPI-ML has demanded an immediate ban on the suspension order of teachers from the state government. The party said that when the Chief Minister has given assurance of talks on the question of teachers, then in such a situation the action of suspension is completely wrong. A demand was made by the CPI-ML Legislature Party to immediately stop the action of repression on the teachers and fix a date for talks with them.

No issue of the public is included in the assembly march: Male

Male Legislature Party in-charge Rajaram Singh said that after being ousted from power, BJP is constantly trying to destabilize Bihar. No public issue was included in the assembly march. The BJP, which is killing the Constitution and democracy every day, is not tolerating being ousted from the power of Bihar. In the coming days, Bihar will evict him from both Raj and society. Deputy leader Satyadev Ram, Whip Arun Singh, MLA Virendra Prasad Gupta, Manoj Manzil, Mahanand Singh, Sudama Prasad, Ajit Kushwaha, Amarjeet Kushwaha, Rambali Singh Yadav were present on the occasion.



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